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Carla Da Costa is a published author and well-recognised coach on the healing and growth journey for women through love, their marriage ending and divorce.


Whatever part of the journey you find yourself in please explore Carla's much loved programs and content below to support you to be empowered and thrive during this life changing time.


'If you're going to get a divorce then make sure you do it well' is her motto and has formed the basis of her personal journey after going through her own divorce in 2016 and the energy shared through her books and coaching with clients ever since.

With love however this finds you.

Do something purposeful today to uplift yourself from the space you're in.

Carla xxx

For any questions regarding working with Carla through her programs please contact her privately here.

Do I Stay & Keep Trying Or Do I Leave?

how to know when your marriage is over 2.png

How To Know When Your Marriage Is Over Program

Let me lead you through the self-reflective process that will help you understand if your marriage is truly fixable or not? How to navigate third party and affair situations. Understand the wounded cycle that is keeping your marriage stuck. Find clarity to own your decision and express your truth to end the relationship or express your needs to hopefully improve it. Understand why your separation has not progressed - you've had the conversation but it's like he never heard you or is hoping you will change your mind.

My Marriage Is Ending Or Has Ended


Rising Beyond Separation & Divorce Program

Carla's foundational program for women who are preparing to leave their marriage in an empowered way or who are healing from their marriage having ended. This program guides women through the step by step process to find their feet as single women, to change their patterning in love, to up level their money mindset and self-belief, to re-learn what love looks like and means to them now, to undo childhood trauma and the wounds that their marriage dynamics have left in their psyche and to step into their feminine energy, leaving masculine energy in relationships behind for good. This is you stepping into this next season of life empowered and a new woman. A woman who knows herself better than she ever did before.

I'm Moving On Now Better For My Marriage Having Ended


The Art Of Rediscovering You Program

The program for the woman who has healed from her marriage, is no longer triggered by her ex and who has her eyes firmly fixed on her own future and real glow up. This woman has moved on from her marriage having ended. She's finding herself. She's redefining who she wants to be and she wants to create full success in her life, love & career. She wants to soar in their next season of life and be financially secure, successful and one day (if not already) in love. A completely new woman. With an entirely different energy. And a whole new purpose. Yes, yes, yes.

Love, Sex, Coming Into Union, Business & Beyond

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Coming Soon


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