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Is my marriage over?
How much longer do I give it?
Can my marriage really improve?

Let me lead you through the self-reflective process that will help you understand if your marriage is over, fixable or not.


Together we will cover:

 How to navigate third party and affair situations.

Understand the wounded cycle that is keeping your marriage stuck and not evolving.

Find clarity to own your decision and express your truth to end the relationship or express your needs to hopefully improve it.

Understand why your separation has not progressed - you've had the conversation but it's like he never heard you or is hoping you will change your mind.

Communicating with age appropriate honesty to children.


The decision to end a marriage is one of the most challenging, often conflicting decisions that we will ever have to make as an adult.

No one gets married planning to one day divorce. We marry for the dream of the potential future, the family life we envision creating and enjoying, the safety and security we imagine having from our person standing alongside us, having our back.


In previous generations forever meant forever, regardless of the quality of the relationship behind the successful facade or happy family life.

Todays generation sees us looking at our marriages with different needs than before and from a very different lense.

Today, successful marriages are no longer defined by the length of the marriage, by the nice big home you have. the lifestyle you enjoy, your happy family photos, or by your grown children that are doing well in life. 


Today's successful marriages are defined by the quality of relationship and connection the couple enjoy together. 

And this is the dichotomy of our generation that leads to much of the inner turmoil thinking I hear my clients express 'am I being selfish?' 'is the grass even greener?' 'shouldn't I just be grateful for the life I have and what I have?'

Over A 2 Hour Guided Process Let Carla Lead You Through The Pathway She Uses To Help Her Clients Find Clarity About Their Feelings, Their Marriage & To Know How To Best Communicate Their Emotions To Their Partner, Children & Loved Ones.

Inside Listen To Video Modules Of Carla Covering The Topics Of:

Assessing your relationship cycle. How wounded is it really?

Third party situations & affairs. How to handle them and differentiate your feelings about them from your marriage.

Understanding blocks and fears that cloud our intuition and ability to make a decision.

Owning your decision & expressing your truth.

Communication to the masculine of your emotions.

Communication to children and loved ones about your marriage truth and it's ending.

What to do if your separation is stalled or blocked?

How to create constant movement forward to end the marriage or to bring about improvement.

3 months access to the program on purchase.

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Entry to the private members portal delivered to access via your chosen email account.

This is your chance to explore if your marriage is still right for you, healthy for you or if you have outgrown the connection, no going back, in an affordable, entirely private way using Carla's road map that she has successfully used in her private practice of clients.

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