The Future Me Coaching Package

I take immense fulfilment in supporting my clients in a one on one setting to enter this new season of life with excitement, feeling empowered, confident and certain. Knowing with clarity what they desire, deserve and wish for their futures. 


Together in our sessions we uncover the subconscious blocks, patterns and beliefs that led you to attract and pursue the relationships and life that you have up til this point in your life. Together we heal and change those core parts of you to change what you attract.

I work in an empowered way to support you to uncover your own truth and highest self with clarity, purpose and a sprinkle of your own unique essence and magic.

I Am Specialised In Supporting Women Who: 

  • Have left long-term relationships or marriages and who are wondering "what do I do next?" and who feel lost, disenchanted, let down, too old to find love again, untrusting of their own choices and low on self-belief.

  • Are considering leaving a long-term relationship or marriage but are not sure if the "problem" is with them or with the relationship, and who are wondering if the relationship can be improved at all.

  • Feel frustrated and tired of attracting the same types and shades of relationships into their life that end in heartbreak, disappointment and sadness.

  • Need to rediscover who they are now as a single woman at this point in their life.

  • Feel uncertain, unsure and unconfident in themselves after leaving a long-term relationship and who would love to one day meet an aligned, beautiful partner for themselves.

  • Are looking to reclaim their identity, sense of self and confidence again after children.

  • Have reached a time in their life where they need to make their own health + happiness a priority again so they can enter this next season of their life feeling their brightest and most fully self-expressed version of themselves.

  • Support to deal with ex'es and toxic dynamics from past relationships

One On One Private Coaching

Carla Da Costa is a published author and certified Divorce coach based in Perth, Australia.


Carla works with women who are separated, divorced or divorcing through her private 1:1 coaching practice, her online group program and her books.


Through her work Carla supports and inspires women to make this next season of their life, the best season of their life. Carla has become a modern voice on divorce for women and men asking is divorce really a failure or could this actually be the best catalyst for change that ever happened to you?

Learn more about Carla here.


The Truth Is We Accept Relationships & A Life That Mirrors How We Feel About Ourselves & We Let Go Of Relationships When Our Spirit & Soul Can No Longer Stay Quiet"
Carla Da Costa

What Past Clients Say...

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Bonny Rubery

I have been under the support and guidance of Carla for 4 months now & I have benefited immensely!
She has a deep knowledge of how humans unconsciously attract certain energies into their life & is experienced in knowing how to clearly deliver her message without judgement. I had several 'A-HA' moments while Carla spoke effortlessly about her interpretation of certain instances I had explained.
Many times I realised that I had never thought of things the way that she does. Her knowledge is invaluable.
As soon as I was aware of my habits, I was able to adjust them to manifest with clarity. Carla leads by example which is refreshing & I felt as if I was catching up with an old friend- one that is super clever and refined with her message.
I highly recommend her one-on-one coaching sessions. The clarity and personalised support you will receive is unlike anything I've paid for in the past. 10/10.



Carla coached me over a period of 3 months after I was struggling to move on from my divorce. Her approach is very unique in that it is future focused.


Carla manages to reach the core of what it is that you really want (short-term and long-term) and provides practical insights and solutions in how to get there.


Her advice has always been spot on! I always left the coaching sessions feeling very positive about the future. I now feel very comfortable in moving forward as a single woman and trusting my intuition to make the right choices.


Thanks to Carla for helping me set goals and work towards reaching them. I am vibing at a different level now and it feels great.



I initially contacted Carla seeking her guidance in pursuing my business idea, but when my 13 year relationship came to an end around the same time, Carla was the support and encouragement I needed at an incredibly challenging and difficult time.


Finding my feet again and rediscovering who I am and what I’m capable of was a hell of a lot easier with the practical tools and advice Carla gave me.


I am very grateful for this experience and believe the leaps and bounds I have come in just 4 months since my break up have only been possible because of Carla’s help.


I am very much on the right path and more confident in myself than I have been in more than a decade. Thank you Carla xx

Results To Expect When Working With Me

Clarity, vision and a feeling of empowerment when you look to the future. You living your life path with full enthusiasm and trust.


Ideal relationships and opportunities entering your world.

More flow and inspired focus.

A big spotlight shone on your blocks and patterns so they no longer impact your life and choices sub-consciously.

Clarity around your patterns and why situations/types of people repeat themselves in your life.

More self-trust.

A more feminine approach to doing life and love that gives you the results you desire - more success, flow, true connection and happiness.

Greater levels of energy and vitality regardless of how many balls you are juggling.

More sexual connection, intimacy and passion in the bedroom. And deeper levels of your own sexual self-appreciation.

Practices to help you feel centred and in touch with your divine feminine and higher self. 

Less anxiety and worry-based future thinking and a greater appreciation and trust in the now.

Your most empowered, feminine higher self in the drivers seat of your life and your wounded, more doubting self bumped to the back seat - where she belongs!

True change and results in your life, relationships and career.

After years of working with women in the coaching space I intimately know the journey, thoughts, fears and blocks that hold women back from embracing fully this next season of their life. Moving forwardwith clarity, confidence and enthusiasm.

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If You're Ready To Truly Have The Life & Love You Deserve.

If It's A Big No More To Repeating Patterns & Attracting Certain Types Of Relationships Into Your Life. If You Desire to Move Forward Into This Next Season Of Your Life With Confidence, Excitement & Feeling Empowered Than This Is For You.

The 'Future Me' 3 Month Coaching Package Includes:

Pre-consultation questionnaire

4 x 1 hr consultations with Carla

A stunning self-care welcome box
Support between sessions for the 3 month period

Personalised step by step program to map out your personal life path and wishes for the future

Carla's collection of  "The Living With Heart" coaching journals

Carla's recommended meditation and hypnotherapy sessions to release emotional ties to past lovers, heal wounds and traumas and to align ourselves with what we desire to attract into our life

Additional Information:

Consultations are held online over Zoom or if you prefer over the phone.

Sessions are spaced three weeks apart over our three month period together.

Pricing For 3 Months Of My Personal Guidance To Re-Imagine Your Future Vision For Yourself & Definitively Uplevel Your Future, Personal Life And The Quality Of Relationships You Attract Into Your World:

Upfront Payment of $2497

Three Monthly Payments of $870

(AfterPay is available as a payment option for upfront)

What Past Clients Say...



“The difference I have felt since I met Carla is hard to describe. Energised, supported, inspired and cared for come to mind.


I am feeling healthier, stronger than I have in a long time, despite going through a pretty challenging time in my life personally.


Thanks for all you have done for me and continue to do for others"



"I can't even begin to tell you how  much Carla has helped me change my life. Before coaching with her I'd had a string of bad relationships.

I'm embarrassed by some of my own choices and behaviour if i look back now, I just didn't value myself as much as I acted like I did. I felt not good enough, young enough or attractive enough in so many ways.

I've never felt as comfortable in my own skin as I do now and dating now feels like a positive, fun experience instead of a defeating one.

Wish I'd reached out sooner to her instead of hoping things would just work themselves out in their own time"



"Carla has been nothing short of wonderful to work with.  I was actually a bit apprehensive to work with a woman at first because I tend to gravitate towards male coaches for everything I need in life.  But this time I told myself the men clearly aren’t working and I need a fresh perspective on business and life. 


I was lost, drained and honestly depressed when I came to Carla several months ago.  She really helped me refocus on the business in ways I hadn’t thought about while simultaneously helping me through personal life issues. 


She really helped me clear space and clear people and things dragging me down out of my way and make space for new clients and friends to come into my life. 


I would recommend Carla to any of my friends or colleagues to work with.  She is relatable, helpful and definitely time and money well spent!  I won’t be surprised if we work together again in the near future!"