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One On One Private Coaching

Carla Da Costa is a published author and certified Divorce coach based on the Gold Coast, Australia.


Carla works with women who are separated, divorced or divorcing through her private 1:1 coaching practice, her online group program and her books.


Through her work Carla supports and inspires women to make this next season of their life, the best season of their life. Carla has become a modern voice on divorce for women and men removing the stigma and sense of personal failure that is so often associated with a marriage ending and asking 'is divorce really a failure or could this actually be the best catalyst for change that ever happened to you?'

Learn more about Carla here.

Private Coaching Series With Carla

I take immense fulfilment in supporting my clients in a one on one setting to enter this new season of life with excitement, feeling empowered, confident and certain. Knowing with clarity what they desire, deserve and wish for their futures. 


Together in our sessions we work on your healing journey, we uncover the subconscious blocks, patterns and beliefs that led you to attract and pursue the relationships and life that you have been in up til this point in your life. Together we heal and change those core parts of you so you can move forward in your life and change what you attract into the future.

I work in an empowered way to support you to change your story and uncover your own truth and highest self with clarity, purpose and a sprinkle of your own unique essence and magic.

I Am Specialised In Supporting Women Who's:

  • Long-term relationships or marriages have ended and who are wondering "what do I do next?" and "who am I now?" Women who feel lost, hurt and wounded, let down, too old to find love again, lack self-trust, who are fearful of being vulnerable in love again and who are low on self-belief and confidence.

  • Women who are considering leaving a long-term relationship or marriage but are not sure if the "problem" is with them or with the relationship, and who are wondering if the relationship can be improved at all.

  • Women who feel a sense of inner turmoil and conflict because they know they have outgrown their partner but don't know what to do about it (or are afraid to act on it).

  • You feel frustrated and are tired of attracting the same types and shades of relationships into your life that end in heartbreak, disappointment and sadness. Again.

  • Maybe you need to rediscover who you are now as a single woman at this point in your life because you haven't been without a man guiding you and making the financial, big life decisions before.

  • Feel uncertain, unsure and unconfident in yourself after leaving a long-term relationship and you would love to one day meet an aligned, beautiful partner for yourself

  • You're looking to reclaim your identity, sense of self and confidence again after nurturing your young children.

  • Have reached a time in your life where they need to make your own health + happiness a priority again so you can enter this next season of your life feeling the brightest and most fully self-expressed version of yourself. No more needing a man to validate you or dimming your light.

  • Support to deal with ex'es and toxic dynamics from past relationships.


The Truth Is We Accept Relationships & A Life That Mirrors How We Feel About Ourselves & We Let Go Of Relationships When Our Spirit & Soul Can No Longer Be Silenced
Carla Da Costa

What Past Clients Say...

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I first started following Carla on Instagram 2 years ago and then read her 2 books as l knew my marriage was over - l wasn’t happy and wanted to live my life and be truly happy. Carla’s books really resonated with me.


I then decided to do her online Rising Beyond Separation & Divorce program. I really did get alot out of this. It pushed me to think about so many things as l went through my divorce. Once settled in my own place l decided to invest in myself again and do the The Art of Rediscovering You on line program. This also had monthly zoom calls with Carla for 6 months.

This is when everything really started to change for me. The woman Carla met when we first started coaching together to when we finished were two different people. I really did the work to rewire my thinking and become the best new version of myself.


I know without Carla’s support, her looking at things differently to me, her expertise and knowledge and advice, l wouldn’t have been able to achieve this. Investing in myself and Carla has been the best decision l have made. My life is all coming together beautifully now as l continue to grow and learn. I am now investing again in myself  with Carla for the next 12 months in her new Mentoring Container. I am beyond excited to see where l go to from here!

E04E8BAC-541E-4636-BFEA-910B35383EEC_L0_001-10_4_2024, 8_30_25 PM.jpg


Carla’s online coaching program and mentoring changed the trajectory of my life. Struggling to leave a toxic relationship and dealing with negative beliefs about myself, I was in a perpetual cycle of confusion, fear, and self- abandonment.


Carla and her online program helped support and guide me back to trusting my intuition and self-love and to leave a karmic relationship. Carla also gave me the vision, strategies and confidence to kick start my new business that was waiting in the wings.


Meeting Carla, she instantly possesses a real genuine compassion for the women she coaches, she listens intently and her approach to our sessions made reassured by her relatable, open, and honest advice.

I was captivated and inspired reading Carla's books, I gained so much more wisdom and insight from this gorgeous QUEEN of a woman.

Other therapists I’ve seen, never gave me the outcomes and real change that I achieved from working with Carla, I am now living and creating the present and future I want.

I would recommend Carla to anyone struggling in relationships or self love.



I can’t say enough good things about Carla. I found Carla through Instagram, she popped up in my feed a few months before my marriage ended. After my marriage broke down, I reached out and we had a few conversations.


From those very first conversations I completely trusted and felt safe in Carla's guidance, in the facts of the hows and whys my marriage hadn’t and wouldn’t work any longer.


Over following months during the untangling of two lives, I genuinely felt supported having Carla next to me. Though a few challenges I was able to pull myself out of what I told myself was “a black hole”, and “the trenches”. Having friends and family can be comforting however really the guidance of someone who had seen this before and has the answers, was so incredibly valuable and grounding -you don’t need people to tell you want you want to hear- you need people to tell you the how it actually is!


With Carla, I have worked on myself more over the past 12 months than in my entire life. I’ve built an entirely new positive vision for my life and unlearnt so many things that I had believed to be true about love, life and relationships.


I have invested in working with Carla 1:1, in the Rising Beyond Separation & Divorce Program and the Rediscovering You program, and read both her books.


While I’m still learning, working with Carla has taken years of time off my healing journey and I've now been able to confidently move into enjoying the next phase of my life. Thank-you so much Carla for helping me achieve all that I have and for being the exact thing I needed.

Results To Expect When Working With Me

Clarity, vision and a feeling of empowerment when you look to the future. You living your life path with full enthusiasm and trust.


Ideal relationships and opportunities entering your world.

Lightness. More peace. Clarity and a sense of freedom to be yourself.

More flow and inspired focus.

A big spotlight shone on your blocks and patterns so they no longer impact your life and choices sub-consciously.

Clarity around your patterns and why situations/types of people repeat themselves in your life.

More self-trust.

A more feminine approach to doing life and love that gives you the results you desire - more success, flow, true connection and happiness.

Greater levels of energy and vitality regardless of how many balls you are juggling.

More sexual connection, intimacy and passion in the bedroom. And deeper levels of your own sexual self-appreciation.

Practices to help you feel centred and in touch with your divine feminine and higher self. 

Less anxiety and worry-based future thinking and a greater appreciation and trust in the now.

Your most empowered, feminine higher self in the drivers seat of your life and your wounded, more doubting self bumped to the back seat - where she belongs!

True change and results in your life, relationships and career.

After years of working with women in the coaching space I intimately know the journey, thoughts, fears and blocks that hold women back from embracing fully this next season of their life. Moving forwardwith clarity, confidence and enthusiasm.


If You're Ready To Truly Have The Life & Love You Deserve.

If It's A Big No More To Repeating Patterns & Attracting Certain Types Of Relationships Into Your Life. If You Desire to Move Forward After Your Marriage Has Ended With Confidence, Excitement & Feeling Empowered Than This Is For You.

The 3 Month Coaching Package With Carla Includes:

- Pre-consultation questionnaire

- 4 x 1 hr consultations with Carla

- Forever access to Carla's 3 month signature online program Newly Divorced (more details here)
- Personalised support between sessions for the 3 month period via a private app to keep you in forward, positive momentum

- Personalised step by step program to map out your personal life path and wishes for the future

- Carla's recommended meditation and hypnotherapy sessions to release emotional ties to past lovers, heal wounds and traumas and to align ourselves with what we desire to attract into our life

Additional Information:

Consultations are held online over Zoom or if you prefer over the phone.

Sessions are spaced three weeks apart over our three month period together.

Pricing For 3 Months Of My Personalised Guidance To Re-Imagine Your Future Vision For Yourself & Definitively Carry You Towards It In Life, Love, Your Career  Or Business & Financially.

Upfront Payment of $3,333

Three Monthly Payments of $1,139

Six Monthly Payments of $575

What Past Clients Say...


Hayley F

Where do I begin.


I remember stumbling across your Instagram page when I first decided I needed to stop putting off the inevitable and leave my marriage. I had that first initial call with you. I was so scared as even though in my heart I knew the marriage was over I felt such guilt as my ex-husband wasn't a bad person. On paper, we seemed perfectly fine. That phone conversation changed everything. You got me! You knew exactly how I was feeling and made me feel so at ease with this.


Fast forward 9 months and I was finally ready to work with you 1:1. I had left my marriage but I was still stuck. I knew what I wanted but just couldn't seem to break through those barriers.


What Carla helped me achieve in those sessions is life-changing. I am such a different person now. I am lighter, happier, and more aware of who I am and what I want and deserve. I will never again fall back into old habits. I am me again.


Thank you so much for everything you have helped me achieve Carla. I will be forever grateful.

Beach Umbrella


I have worked with Carla for the last 12 months and it has been life changing for me. I participated in the Rising Beyond program, Rediscovering You program and 1:1 coaching with Carla.

I have learned a lot about myself and Carla has shared with me many new strategies and tools for dealing with the challenges that life can throw at us.

Because Carla has actually lived the experience of separation/divorce and the process of finding love after, she is able to give real life advice about how to approach certain situations successfully. Her level of understanding of the feelings and the stages that go with a big life change like this is great because she has been where we have been.

Carla provides a safe space with no judgement and practical, clear advice on how to improve areas of your life that you are struggling with.

Having said that, Carla has a well honed bullshit detector and she will hold you accountable for the ways you may be self sabotaging or selling yourself short.

The support and advice I have received from Carla has been amazing and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her coaching.

Swimming Pool

Carla F

Carla you have such a peaceful, nurturing and grounding presence and I really needed your hand to hold these past 5 months.


You gently guided me through your process, allowing me the time I needed to come to my own realisations and decisions. I am now in the process of leaving a relationship that was not fulfilling me, and am free to create the life I want in 2023.


Without you I would have felt stuck, and no doubt would have still been second guessing my feelings. You have tuned me in to my intuition and for the first time in 40 years I feel comfortable being me…the introvert I more naturally am.


Thankyou Carla

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