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1:1 Private Coaching For Men

A highly tailored three month coaching container for the masculine who is either moving through the awakening and grief of a marriage coming to it's an end. Or for the masculine who is walking the healing path after a marriage has ended - he is redefining himself, relearning what love is and leaving the past hurts behind.

This container is designed to support a man into his power, his leadership and into his true, healthy masculine self.

Who Is This Coaching Container For?

This 3 month coaching program is for the masculine who is:

- Feeling grief, guilt, shame and perhaps even anger

- Mistrustful of the feminine

- Desires to feel freedom and has a belief that to be in a relationship is a 'loss' of their freedom

- Desiring to be in their masculine and in balance (leadership, drive, strength, purpose) and to break up with feeling emasculated (lost, purposeless, manipulated and put down by the feminine, people pleasing, withholding their truth)

- Wanting to be in relationship with a feminine woman who is empowered, soft and nurturing over attracting and pursuing one of two types of women. The first - women who are 'needy', emotionally reactive, wounded, who need saving financially and otherwise. Or second the woman who likes to be in control and wear the pants- it's her way or the highway and over time, nothing you do is good enough or right.

This container is suitable for you if you are still married, if you have separated recently or if you have been separated for a period of time but are still carrying the wounding, disappointment and hurt on the inside.

You Need To Know This...


Who Is Carla Da Costa

Carla Da Costa is a published author on divorce and love and a certified divorce coach. She has been working in the divorce space since 2016 and has recently opened her coaching books to work with men due to demand and to support men's mental health and evolvement through love.

Carla has a deep understanding of the masculine and feminine healing and awakening journey that occurs during a marriage ending and moving on from it's ending process.

Carla's work has a deep focus on supporting men into their conscious, masculine energy and women into their empowered, feminine energy - sometimes for the first real time in their lives. Her desire is to heal mistrust and misunderstanding between men and women and to see both sexes in their power and strengths and in loving unions with another.

She has a deep passion in the psychological, metaphysical and spiritual worlds while also having a deep grasp on the practicalities and legalities of a marriage ending and the navigation of exes, children and associated situations of money and businesses.

Carla's coaching is both a combination of executive style coaching, mentorship and intuitively lead guidance. She has a profound ability to be able to read you and your situation quickly and powerfully to bring you clarity, healing and resolvement.

Results To Expect When Working With Me

Greater passion, purpose and drive in your personal and professional worlds.

Improved health, vitality and well-being.

Understanding of what is true masculine and femininity as an individual and within relationship.

Deeper emotional and sexual connection with your partner.

No longer attracting or pursuing woundedness and co-dependency in women or enabling such dynamics in relationships.

Clarity and confidence around your decisions and path forward.

Healing and knowledge around the feminine.

Freedom. No longer feeling held back.

I do not celebrate 'time served' in a relationship with ignorance to the true dynamic and patterning of the couple within the relationship. These relationships do not bring out the best in the masculine or the feminine, nor do they bring out the best in society or our children.

I celebrate the depth of connection, love and healthy dynamic present in a relationship.

What's Included & Pricing

  • In depth pre-consultation questionnaire

  •  4 x 1 hr consultations with Carla via Zoom or if you prefer over the phone

  • Personalised support between sessions for the 3 month period via my private client app to keep you in forward, positive momentum

  • A hypnotherapy library focused on your masculinity, healing and growth.

Sessions are spaced three weeks apart over our three month container together.​


Upfront Payment of $2,750

Three Monthly Payments of $960

Six Monthly Payments of $485

Our time together will be a life-changing, pivot point in your personal journey.

Uplevelling not just you but your love relationship and professional results for yourself.

It is imperative that you come to this container tired of living with the consequences of playing small and living in your old story and instead now desire real results and success in your life.

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