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Join 100's of other women, like minded to you, who desire to step into their next chapter of life wiser, more evolved, with purpose, passion and confidence, better for their marriage having ended. Absolutely no looking back with regret, guilt or heartbreak and the past having no imprint on their future growth or choices.

Is this you?

Newly Divorced
Carla's Signature Program For Women Who Are Preparing To Leave Their Marriage Or Who Are Moving On From Their Marriage Having Ended

Let Carla support and coach you for 12 months to heal and move on from your marriage and onto the next season of your life.

Better for your marriage having ended. Feeling financially capable and independent. Emotionally strong, wise and empowered. Lessons and patterning learnt and overcome on a subconscious level so we don't repeat them. Ready to step into your next season a completely different woman and version of self.

Rediscovering You
The program for the woman who has healed from her marriage, is no longer triggered by her ex and who has her eyes firmly fixed on her own future and real glow up.

It's your time now because you've done the inner shadow work to understand and transmute your patterns and conditions. The patterns and conditions that once made you the perfect match for your ex and your previous life and any partners that might have come after your ex.

Everything gets to look and feel different now for your future. You are your only block and limitation. Expanding into rediscovering you, perhaps for the very first time is the theme of your glow up now. This is me fully shifting you into your power and purpose.

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