Hi, I'm Carla



I see you repeating your patterns over and over again, forever getting the same disappointing result.

I see you thinking "What's wrong with me? Why can't I have a relationship/life like she does? Why can't I be like her?"

I see you struggling to not fall into feelings of self-doubt, frustration, not enough-ness and loneliness.

I see you trying to keep your light, sparkle and hope on because you know you deserve better than what is currently showing up for you.

I see you tip toe'ing around fully owning all your beauty, talent and potential.

This doesn't have to be your path.


Your patterns can be changed.

What you attract into your life can be completely up-levelled.

What you desire to have is as possible a result for you as it is for anyone else you see currently enjoying it.

Love and life can change overnight for you on a dial. I've seen it happen over and over again in my clients lives. After one session their boss offers them a new position with a raise (the position they actually wanted). After two sessions a new kind of man enters their life, one who actually wants what they want.

 The process can be easeful and it is absolute magic watching it unfold for them.

Hey there, I'm Carla.

I've worked with women for the last five years helping them to rediscover themselves and up level what they attract into their life after a relationship has ended. 

Together we work to change their patterns, beliefs and emotions to completely change the trajectory of their life.

This work also supports women rediscovering themselves within a relationship (with the hope to improve it), and women coming up for breath after the life season of raising young children.

It's my mission to see women fully owning all of their potential and uniqueness. And to have a life, a relationship and an income that reflects all of their beauty and magic.

I want you to know that I once was a totally different person than I am today. Maybe that's hard for you to imagine but it's true!


I was a stay at home Mum, newly separated, realising that I had to return back to the paid workforce to support myself, knowing that everything solid and certain that was in my life now was about to change and not knowing how life was going to look for me.


I’d never had a bill solely in my own name. I’d never lived on my own. I was low in confidence, low in self-belief, I'd forgotten how it felt to be treated like someone who was loved and valued.

I veer'ed between feeling confident and excited about my new life in one breathe to having overwhelming moments of self-doubt in the next.

And then there was dating…! I’d been with the same man since I was twenty one. And here I was at thirty three ~ not even sure who I was as a woman now and entering the online dating world. Twelve years with the one person. Twelve years that had left me feeling down on myself, not good enough, hesitant to trust and open myself up to someone again…it made me feel incredibly unsure about putting myself back out there. 

All I knew was that I had a burning desire to attract in something much different for my future than I'd lived with in my past

And I knew I had to be a different kind of woman than the woman I used to be for that to show up for me in life. I knew I needed to change from the inside out. But I wasn't sure how.

I went on a health kick after having two young children, working out, eating beautifully, and it was necessary and it was amazing! Physically I did transform.


But what I continued to attract into my life changed only to a certain degree because I was still the same girl underneath this new fitter, better body. Similar shades of the same kind of person in my life love kept showing up, the same dynamics in my career, the same outcomes financially.

And so started the process of doing the real work on myself to truly understand why this was happening. To begin the process of healing and clearing my pattens and blocks for good.

Over the last five years I have up-levelled in all areas of my life.



The men I attract.

My friendship circle.

My lifestyle.

In my career.

Most importantly, in myself.

It has been the most profound journey of undoing and growing to become who I am today, with the life that I have, as a 38 year old woman.


Fun Facts





Active Living Goals

My Charity The Rising Woman


The Ocean & Moving To A Beachside Suburb

Growing My Amazing Team Shine Community

A Life Partner


Sharing amazing experiences with my daughters.





I started ocean swimming in 2020 - I'm obsessed.

Japanaese food and edamame beans.

Home life.


Enjoying my life to the fullest.

My friends and family.





Anywhere outside of

Western Australia right

now due to Covid!





Moving my body everyday, water on my skin, fresh good food, awesome people, music playing in the background, catching a sunrise or sunset, supportive relationships and friendships, a glance at my diary and goals while I sip on my coffee in the morning.





Hibiki Suntory Whisky with a touch of soda. Watching Yellowstone on Stan (make more episodes please!) Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue or Rebecca Campbell. Flowers in my house. Halloumi cheese. Fresh Tassie oysters. A kick arse green salad or stir-fry. 




Carla Da Costa is an award winning author, a certified law of attraction coach and the director and founder of The Rising Woman Foundation. Carla works with women helping them to rediscover themselves and up level what they attract into their life after a relationship has ended. This work supports single women and also supports women rediscovering themselves within a relationship and after the life season of raising young children.

Carla’s aim is to support and empower men and women to become a product of their greatest vision over becoming a product of their past environment. If she can change her life than you can too. In this area she is a powerhouse.

Carla is currently living in Perth, Western Australia with her two daughters and their dog Oliver. She spends most of her time at the beach, is forever removing sand from her car, swimming endless laps in the pool, catching up with friends, doing coffee and lunch with loved ones and living on Vietnamese and Japanese food (with the occasional Portuguese custard tart thrown in).

Professional Qualifications

Life Coach through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Certified Law of Attraction Coach

Certified Health Coach

Some Of The Individuals She Has Worked With Personally


Tony Robbins

Luke Wren

Sarah Jensen

Claire Baker

Erica Carrico

Alison Morgan

Dave Blomsterberg


Life Coaching Book Of The Year 2018  for the 'Living With Heart' series of coaching journals.


Carla teaches and has run inspiring workshops for small groups.


Topics have included:


How to raise your personal vibration

Vision boarding

Goal-setting and motivation

Nourishing daily rituals

Health and lifestyle




Carla has written for numerous publications including The Huffington Post, Pilates By Lisa, Inspired Coach Magazine, The Elephant Journal, The Ladies Coach, Raspberry Magazine and The Working Mum’s Collective.

Topics have included:


Goal setting and vision boarding


Motherhood and attempting to balance it all

Life after mental illness

Social media marketing

Mindful eating and movement


Wealth and abundant mindset

Living with an attitude of gratitude

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What They Say

"There’s a lot of people talking about creating positive change, but not quite as many actually doing it. This is where Carla’s brave work stands out; her message is her life. She is a courageous, kind and creative woman whom I’m blessed to know."

Amy Zempilas,  Fashion, Style & Personal Blogger  - ABSOLUTE AMY