Law Of Attraction & Life Coaching

I take pride in supporting clients to attract into their life what they desire in their life, love and relationships.


Together in a one on one supportive environment we uncover the subconscious blocks, patterns and beliefs that are holding you back and getting in the way of you having all that you desire and deserve in your life.

I work in an empowered way to support you to uncover your own truth and highest self with clarity, purpose and a dollop of your own unique essence and magic.

I am specialised in supporting women who: 

  • Are frustrated and tired of attracting the same types of relationships and situations into their life (and wish they weren't) that end in heartbreak, disillusionment and sadness.

  • Feel uncertain, unsure and unconfident in themselves after leaving a long-term relationship and want to rediscover their best self again under the layers of life.

  • Are looking to reclaim their identity, sense of self and confidence again after children.

  • Have reached a season in their life where they need to (finally!!) put their own health + happiness as a priority again so they can be a brighter, full of life version of themselves for their families and loved ones.

  • Individuals who are holding themselves back and showing up as 50% of who they really all are on the inside. Time to shine as bright as you truly are and share that beauty with the world!


Carla Da Costa is an author and experienced Law of Attraction Coach based in Perth. She supports women through both her personal/life coaching and business coaching. 


Carla is specialised in helping her clients to gain clarity and take action to excitedly enter their fullest level of self-expression, confidence and purpose in life and business.


Through this process her clients completely transform what they attract and magnetise into their lives.

What Past Clients Say...

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Bonny Rubery

I have been under the support and guidance of Carla for 4 months now & I have benefited immensely!
She has a deep knowledge of how humans unconsciously attract certain energies into their life & is experienced in knowing how to clearly deliver her message without judgement. I had several 'A-HA' moments while Carla spoke effortlessly about her interpretation of certain instances I had explained.
Many times I realised that I had never thought of things the way that she does. Her knowledge is invaluable.
As soon as I was aware of my habits, I was able to adjust them to manifest with clarity. Carla leads by example which is refreshing & I felt as if I was catching up with an old friend- one that is super clever and refined with her message.
I highly recommend her one-on-one coaching sessions. The clarity and personalised support you will receive is unlike anything I've paid for in the past. 10/10.

Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 1.48.00 pm.png

Lisa Manolini

Carla, I just wanted to say a huge thank you! I am truly grateful for your guidance in such a huge stage in my life!


You always knew how to push me when I need it, and encourage me through the starting of my business! I would not have gotten to where I am with out your help.


I love your energy and always felt amazing after our sessions together. I will miss working with you!!


Forever grateful Lisa xo


Katrina Pattinson

Carla is a Gem, her guidance and knowledge is impeccable. She guided me through some amazing shifts and advised me intuitively and genuinely.


I was so happy and thankful to myself that I invested in myself through Carla’s coaching, would recommend to anyone. Thank you Carla!

Business Coaching


Carla has owned a successful and continuously growing coaching business since 2016. During this time she has written and self-published four books, created several group coaching programs, created her own online women's circle, coached women in a one on one capacity and started her own women's charity.

I help small businesses and their owners to:

  • Go from feeling exhausted, burnt out from operating on a constant hamster wheel and hustling to in flow and aligned with more energy and spaciousness for creativity and inspiration.

  • Grow to their next level of income without taking more away from their personal time and energy.

  • Take an idea or passion and create a business plan from the bottom up that reflects your dream with a beautiful, strong foundation to build upon.

  • Have direction and confidence to market yourself online and in person with ease by understanding who your client really is and what they need.

  • Find balance in your schedule to look after yourself and your family while still finding space and energy to bring intimacy, femininity and your sexuality into your intimate relationships. A thriving business with a dying, stretched relationship is not our desired version of success!

  • Feel focused, excited and lit up with with your future vision.

Results To Expect When Working With Me

Ideal relationships and clients entering your world.

More flow and inspired focus.

A big spotlight shone on your blocks and patterns so they no longer impact your life and choices.

Clarity around your patterns and why situations/types of people repeat themselves in your life.

More self-trust.

A more feminine approach to doing life and business that actually delivers more success, flow, true connection and happiness.

Greater levels of energy and vitality regardless of how many balls you are juggling.

More sex, intimacy and passion in the bedroom.

Practices to help you feel centred and in touch with your divine feminine and higher self (hint if you're in business this is the best place to operate a female focused business from!)

Less anxiety and worry-based future thinking and a greater appreciation and trust in the now.

Your most empowered, feminine higher self in the drivers seat of your life and business and your wounded, more doubting self bumped to the back seat - where she belongs!

True change and results in your life, relationships and business over more of the same.

If You're Ready To Truly Have The Life, Love & Business You Deserve.

If It's A Big No More To Repeating Patterns & Attracting More Of The Same Into Your Life. Than This Is For You.

Coaching Package Includes:

Pre-Consultation questionnaire
1 x 1hr 15 min initial consultation
3 x 1 hr consultation
Individually tailored daily wellbeing plan
Email support as needed between sessions



Additional Information:

Consultations are held in person in Perth, on Zoom or over the phone.

One on one consults are spaced monthly apart over a 4 month period, depending on individual or business needs.

Pricing For 4 Months Of My Personal Guidance To Definitively Uplevel Your Personal Life And/Or Business:

Upfront Payment of $970

Four Monthly Payments of $270

(AfterPay is available as a payment option for upfront)



Once off consultations are available at request for $290 per session for

1hr 15 min with the option to continue if needed.

What Past Clients Say...



“The difference I have felt since I met Carla is hard to describe. Energised, supported, inspired and cared for come to mind.


I am feeling healthier, stronger than I have in a long time, despite going through a pretty challenging time in my life personally.


Thanks for all you have done for me and continue to do for others"



"I can't even begin to tell you how  much Carla has helped me change my life. Before coaching with her I'd never been able to lose the weight I'd carried since my teens and I had had a string of bad relationships.

I'm embarrassed by some of my own behaviour if i look back now, I just didn't value myself. I felt useless and not good enough in so many ways.

I've never felt as comfortable in my own skin as I do now and dating now feels like a positive, fun experience instead of a defeating one.

Wish I'd reached out sooner to her instead of hoping things would just work themselves out in their own time"



“Carla is full of light and positivity. It is utterly refreshing.


Feeling stuck in my new business Carla was able to help me realise much of what was holding me back was not owning the title I now have.


She was also able to give me excellent practical advice on continuing to grow both in my business and in my personal life.


I am very grateful she has come into my life and I highly recommend Carla for her intuition, insight, kindness and depth of caring for others.”