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Both of these divorce books have been written for readers who find themselves in the space of deciding whether to leave or keep working on their marriage as equally as they have been written for those who's marriage has ended already.


Seconds Please 
Lessons on life, love & self after divorce.

Carla's first book published in 2021 exploring the emotional journey of her own marriage ending in 2016. The slow wake up to a marriage that no longer fit or felt aligned and the realisation of what her marriage said about her, her choices and everything she had to learn about love and herself. Written alongside her own personal journey and after coaching 1000's of individuals through their own marriages ending and finding themselves after journey.

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Finding Love After Divorce
How to know if they're the one or just another one

The accidental follow on and Carla's second book published in 2023.  Inside these pages Carla explores why the love journey after divorce is different. How to not repeat your mistakes in love and grow from them instead. How to navigate the journey and become your best version of self in readiness for your best version of a partner. Your 'twin flame' (the one). Whether you believe in such a love or not this book will change your view of what love is (hint it's not what you've settled for in the past).

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