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So Your Marriage Has Ended. Or You're Thinking About Ending It.
Now What?

I see you fearing your future and what's ahead of you. Not quite sure where to start or where to go. 

I see you feeling overwhelmed with it all.

I see you not wanting to repeat your patterns over and over again, tired of getting the same disappointing result.

I see you thinking "What's wrong with me? Why can't I have a relationship/life like she does? Why can't I be like her?"

I see you struggling to not fall into feelings of self-doubt, frustration, not enough-ness and loneliness.

I see you trying to keep your light, sparkle and hope because you know you deserve better than what you've left behind in your past and what is currently showing up for you.

I see you tip toe'ing around fully owning your full self-expression and all your beauty, talent and potential.

I see you because this was once me.

Building on the contents and wisdom shared inside her successful and much loved book 'Seconds Please ~ Lessons On Life, Love & Success After Divorce' join Carla Da Costa on this webinar where she takes you intimately through the how to steps and practicalities of finding yourself, all over again, after divorce.


Whether you have left a marriage or long-term relationship recently or thinking about doing so, this 90 minute pre-recorded webinar will both inspire and show you how to pull the pieces together of your own life and soul so you can create absolute magic in your future and in your relationships.


Where: Online. This webinar is pre-recorded and available to watch in your own, at your own privacy. The recording will be delivered via email to your inbox.

 Bring pen and paper!
This is going to light up your heart and have you reconnecting with your goals, desires and destiny as a woman.

Here's What We Will Cover In 90 Minutes Together


Understand The Core Blocks That Are Holding You Back

It's not your age. It's not how you look. It's not about how much money you have or don't have. It's much, much deeper than that.



The Healing Journey

What are your wounds and patterns we need to change?

The healing path after a marriage or long-term relationship is very different for women than it is for men because at our core we are very different. Understanding our own unique healing journey and wounds is everything when it comes to us moving forward and feeling free of past baggage.



Creating Our Own Life Path & How To Stay On It Without Distraction

With or without a new man. Your life path moving forward is now yours to create. What an exciting, freeing thought! But why does it also create so much fear, hesitation and uncertainty inside us? Learn how to move past this and stay on the onwards and upwards life path.



Q & A

In this 30 minutes Carla answers questions relevant to women's divorce journeys - financial fear, rebalancing our feminine/masculine energy, creating our own lives and finding our confidence.

Client Testimonials



When is the workshop?

This is a recording of an online workshop.

Where will it be hosted?

You will be emailed access to a private members portal where you will be able to listen to the recording and view the content.

Will this suit me if I haven't left my marriage or relationship yet?

Yes this will suit you absolutely. It will allow you to start thinking forward and planning your next steps and life ahead.

How long do I have access to this recording?

You will have 30 days access to this recording once you have purchased it.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds, transfers or credits for this live workshop. All sales are final.

If your question wasn't answered here, please email our support team at



Carla Da Costa is the author of 'Seconds Please' and a divorce coach. She works with women who are separating or divorced through her private coaching practice, her online program Elevate You and her books. 


Through her work Carla supports and inspires women to make this next season of their life, the best season of their life. Carla has become a modern voice on divorce for women asking is divorce really a failure or could this actually be the best thing that ever happened to you?

Carla’s intention is to support and empower men and women to become a product of their greatest self-expression. If she can change her life and how she views her life and potential than you can too. In this area she is a powerhouse.

Carla is currently living in Perth, Western Australia with her two daughters and their dog Oliver. She spends most of her time at the beach, is forever removing sand from her car, swimming endless laps in the pool, catching up with friends, doing coffee and lunch with loved ones and living on Vietnamese and Japanese food (with the occasional Portuguese custard tart thrown in).

Her life motto is: 'I blow by anything that slows me down' ~ Guru Jagat. 

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