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This program is for the woman who has moved on from her marriage having ended. She's finding herself. She's redefining who she wants to be and she's rewriting her future because she's a different woman now desiring entirely different than she ever has before.






  • You know you've done the healing work since your marriage ended. None of us are ever a fully healed version of self, we are all loving, life long works in progress and learners, but you can say hand on heart that you've moved on from your marriage and you've learnt so much, including the uncomfortable parts about yourself, from the marriage having ended.

  • You lost your identity and sense of self in your marriage. You have always mostly identified as a role you've played - Mum, wife, daughter or your career title. You're not really sure who you are as a woman or confident to know you will be loved and appreciated simply for being you. Not for what you do. Now is your time.

  • You're rebuilding your life, your sense of self, what you want for yourself, your goals, who you really are, how you want to live this next chapter of your life no longer defined by anyone else or your marriage.

  • You may or may not be in a relationship right now. But what you have learnt is the personal price and compromise we pay to live and over-compromise for a relationship at the cost to ourselves. And you don't want to make that mistake again. You want a relationship but not from a place of 'save me, fix me, I don't want to be alone.'

  • You are no longer moving through life with a predominant masculine energy (and you know what I mean when I say this!) You have developed a more feminine energy and you approach your life, self and relationships with self-trust, safe to have your guards down, to be vulnerable and to let people in, intuitive more than ever and in flow. You have let go of the need to be in control and to carry everyone and you have let go of the behaviours that kept you living in this cycle.

If this doesn't quite resonate with where you are right now my other online program here will and I recommend you start there.


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Rediscovering You after a marriage has ended, a better more evolved self for it having ended, is going to look like this for you... 

Heal From Your Past:

One of the core components to discovering who you are is to heal from your past. When you haven't fully healed, it blinds you.


Hurt, pain and a lack of self-belief, self-worth blinds you. It is similar to attempting to navigate through life as if you are walking through your house in the dark, or down the street with broken glasses. You can't see straight because your perception is not clear.

This skewed vision will cause you to end up with the wrong person, or holding onto situations way longer than you should. And ultimately your perceived abilities and goals for yourself will be limited...and you won't even know it!

Ultimately when you haven't let go and evolved out of past hurt and pain, it blocks you from being vulnerable. And vulnerability is key and necessary for you to not just receive and fully open up to love, but to fully let yourself be seen and loved for who you are as a woman.

And lastly, not healing from your past stops you from exuding positive energy. Positive energy is necessary to create and attract the life and version of self you seek.

This is the foundational work that we can't skip as much as we might wish to try! Please view my other online program if this is where you find yourself here. 

Find Your Purpose:

If you don't know where you are going, you won't find your true happiness and you won't know who belongs with you on that path.

This is you living your dharma and becoming an evolved, on purpose adult. We have learnt through contrast and experience in our life what we don't want, who we are not, what isn't aligned with our values and now we step into the individuation process of discovering who we really are.

There are plenty of adults right now who have not been walking their purpose because they were trying to walk with the wrong partner and make it work. The wrong career and make it work. Living in the wrong place. And so on and so on.

The wrong friends, your job, your partner, other negative associations in your life can represent the anchor in our life. In order to know what fits now, you must know where you are supposed to go and who you really are now that no one is no longer defining you.

An intrinsically deep female problem because we are so conditioned, more than men, to be defined and shaped by the partners we choose.


This is the woman's self-journey.

To be in the drivers seat of her life. No longer in the passenger seat.


To come home to her. To define herself without anyone defining herself for her. Often for the first real time in her life. And to then go onto choose a life, a love and a career from this higher more confident space, not from a 'lower' one of someone or something needing to define or validate her.

Magic success.

A magnetic foundation on which to build a life from..

The focus of this program.


Who Am I?

I am a woman who lost herself and compromised her self-worth for love.

I moved to the other side of the country for love.

I followed the 'success' pathway that life had sold to me as being the 'right' thing to do. I got good grades. I went to one of the best Universities. I got a scholarship. I married the attractive guy. We bought a home. Had two beautiful children. Travelled. Had our own business. We created that successful beautiful life that I now coin a 'successful marriage without fulfilment.' Everything on paper looked amazing to the outside world. But below the surface it was not.

I left my marriage in 2016 and so began the process of undoing it all and recreating my life and myself anew.

In my former life I worked in dentistry.

Today I am a leading thought leader on divorce and the journey after leaving a marriage for women here in Australia. I am a creative (which I always was before deciding to step into health science and dentistry because of my high grades) and have published two books on divorce and the journey to finding love after divorce for women. 

There is very little in my life today, inside or out, that exists from my former life aside from the significant people in my world, my two daughters, my family and my friends.

I have found me under all the layers that the world placed upon me without me realising it had.

As I said to one of my clients recently, who is a self-acknowledged farmers daughter, 'Who would you be if you hadn't been born to a farmer? If you hadn't been taught to be so self-sufficient, so strong, being praised for do'ing and your strength from infancy? If you'd been born to someone else?'

Sometimes the answer is 'I don't know'. 

And it once was an 'I don't know' for me too.

Hear What Past Clients Have To Say

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"I have just completed this program and can I just say thank you, truly thank you. I am a different person than I was before this.


I sit back now and reflect on who I am now. I have let go of so much of my past, cut huge emotional ties, leant into who I am and who I want to be, embraced my shadow side, am very self aware and able to deconstruct whats underneath the emotions, and am more confident in who I am and embracing the feminine Goddess in me.


I finally feel ready to start moving on and meet somebody, which is not a space I thought I would be in for a while. But my focus is on my life and creating my life I love, not finding someone else to make my life great. At the time, I didnt realise the growth in myself, but I see it now in reflection.


Your program is incredible and had helped me in more ways than I can say. Thank you for being you, for all you have been through and all that you share and teach us. I am so so grateful to be part of your life and all the wonderful things you bring to this world


Much love, xxxxx"




"Carla Carla Carla.

Where do I start?

Well, lets go from the person that I was a couple of years ago. I was in a relationship that was going nowhere.

I left (again) and did my usual thing and got into another one STAT. I couldn't work out why this pattern of behaviour wasn't working for me and I found myself at a crossroads. Either I keep doing the same thing or challenge myself to do something else. 

Along came this program. What a mind blowing process it was. It was like looking at myself through a mirror glass for the first time in my life and I didn't like what I saw. 

Carla is one of the most inspired people that I've had the pleasure of working with. She knows her shit. She will challenge you. She will guide you to a better version of yourself, one that personally I didn't know existed.


The group program was amazing. Working with Carla 1:1 was next level"

Yachts in th Ocean

Tina M.

Thank you for everything. I have loved working with you and I walk away with a wealth of learning and resources. Here is my testimonial:


I have just completed the 3 month 1:1 coaching series and the “Newly Divorced Program" with so many learnings. Coming out of a 30 year relationship since a teenager, Carla very quickly identified that my masculine muscle was far too strong.


I was at a stage of feeling quite stuck in progressing out of my divorce, even after counselling.


Carla’s coaching was exactly what I needed. Specific, targeted and personlised to give me the space for growth.


It came at a pivotal time to arm myself with resources and concepts which enabled me to be free of the grief, foster my feminine energy and ultimately be better placed to achieve my goals of "peace, calm and happiness". I know that I am in a far better position now, to thrive in my life and next relationship.

Rediscovering You is the online program that encapsulates my personal journey of coming home to me after my marriage ended in 2015.

It is the step by step framework I have been leading my clients through to shed the layers of everything they once were to remain married and everything they now need to uncover within themselves to step into this next season of their life.

A completely new woman.
With an 
entirely different energy.
And a whole new purpose.
Yes, yes, yes.




Understand your own personal, unique journey of rediscovery and course correction.



Tap into your souls journey and dharma. Discover who you really are as a woman and how to tap into that shining, magnetic, feminine version of you that will grow you personally and professionally.



Finding your version of true success WITH fulfilment, not success WITHOUT fulfilment. Learning how to shed and clear all that is not that.



Mastering the dance of living in the 3D world while mastering our energy in the 5D through our practices, knowledge and mindset.



Understanding the process of expansion, our favourite forms of self-sabotage and how to overcome them so we can continue to rise as a woman in the world.



How to stay in alignment while life happens around us. To not lose our way, fall into self-doubt or lose ourselves again.



Fully embody and master the woman you desire to become now and into the future. You owning your path. Trusting the process. Glowing. Magnetic. In flow.

'Rediscovering You' is my follow on program to my foundational program 'Newly Divorced.' This is where we turn up the notch on ourselves and our lives. Where we decide to rise. To move on and make real magic with everything in front of us. We are grateful for our past - the good and the not so good, but more than anything, we are truly excited for everything we want to bring into our futures. 


What Do I Know To Be True About Women?

After coaching 1000' s of women through their marriage ending and the moving on/finding themselves after process I know that...

Women are exceptionally skilled at underestimating themselves and their potential.

That our biology and desire to have children, the sense of validation we feel from being chosen by someone, often sees us choose a partner to marry and settle down with before we even have a sense of our own worth, value, confidence or self.

We can over-give to the point of self-sacrifice for the ones we love and this is one of our gifts. But it can also come at a personal cost to ourselves and our own life path as a woman.

Many of us leave our marriage feeling like we've never been in the drivers seat of our life and have spent our time instead supporting somebody else's life and goals.

That women often come into their purpose, power, sense of self and confidence AFTER they've had their children, once they finally have some time and energetic space to reflect on themselves through choice or changing life circumstances.

That a feminine woman is more empowered and magnetic than she realises. She has the power to inspire men out of their heads and to shape the tone of her environment and this begins when she is no longer living from a place of feminine woundedness and instead feels safe to be vulnerable, authentic, to be fully seen.

I know that when a woman finds herself, connects in with her sense of purpose, when she sheds all the layers and shields from her psyche of who she thought she needed to be, how she needed to live to be loved, successful, that she fully lights up. Then she completely changes her inner and outer world. Then she becomes truly unstoppable. Life then comes to her and nothing needs to be chased anymore.

Why Is It So Hard For This Generation Of Woman To Choose Herself? To Believe In Herself?

Why is she made to feel so guilty? So selfish? Why does she allow herself to be manipulated? To let her intuition be gaslit? Why does she feel guilt and shame for putting herself first? Why does she feel fear? Why does she have such moments of self-doubt?

And yet why can she encourage, support and lift her own daughters up to be empowered, smart women of the world yet struggle to choose it and live it for herself?

It is our generational conditioning passed onto us from our Mothers and Fathers who had it passed onto them from their Mothers and Fathers. Which we have intellectually broken free from - which is why we are raising our children in a different way then how we were raised, but in our own psyche our conditioning keeps us trapped.

They say the psyche of an adult, and their view of the world, how to get their needs met for love is set within them as a child from between the ages of 0-7 years. Think about that in regards to yourself for a moment.

The mirror we can't possibly see within ourselves, because we've never seen the world any differently than how we've seen it, is everything that is keeping you trapped within yourself.

Welcome to breaking free, once and for all, from the limitations and inner cage of all of that.

I Invite You To Join Me In This 3 Month Program & To Step Into The Energy Of Being A Woman With A Life, A Career, A Love That Fully Lights Them Up

In this powerful, highly supportive online coaching program, we become the woman who knows who they are, where they're going and what they want. The woman who is connected, aligned, fully on her path.

This is you achieving accelerated fast results because now we truly get out of our own way.

We say goodbye to self-limitations.

To waking up feeling alone, a little lost or purposeless.

To feeling like we are cycling and stuck.

To wondering if it 'will ever happen for me.'

In all the ways this will be an up-level.

When we are aligned and connected with who we really are then all areas of our life and self go through an up-level.

Who could you be if you let yourself be free to be that woman?


  • Personalised support from Carla in our private members group.

  • Private group and community of like-minded women, moving through the same life season as you.

  • The Rediscovering You Road Map: Let Carla lead you through over 25+ hours of pre-record video recordings for you to be able to listen to in your own time and privacy. Carla has paced and structured this program purposefully to unfold in a way that supports your growth and healing in a way that will accelerate and fast-track your success. The step by step pathway is on purpose.

  • Lifetime access to the program and the community.

  • Private online members portal for members only, where all of the programs content will be released to you over the three month period. 

  • Plus so much more content and teachings that you're not even aware that you need to tap into your highest potential as a woman in this next chapter of her life.

How Will You Feel By The End Of Our 3 Months Together?


Alive. Empowered. Confident. Attractive. Comfortable with you are, what you have to offer others and with life coming together for you.



On purpose. Those moments of self-questioning or self-doubting are gone. You are embodying who you want to be and who you always were before life inadvertently dampened your light.



You are living as your best version of self and attracting in life, love and career opportunities that are an energetic match to this woman.



You're not dabbling or accepting mediocre in anyway and you know you're not being 'too much' or asking for 'too much' by living in this way.



You are shining and people can see the difference in you. Your presence inspires others. And you're comfortable if your energy triggers others now that you've changed. Their discomfort or words doesn't cause you to dim down to make them feel comfortable with you.


It is one of the biggest blessings in my professional life.

For my work through my two books and my online program 'Newly Divorced', be the catalyst to create such powerful shifts and successful life results for the women who have been through them.


And it brings an even deeper level of fulfilment to me because of the personal life experience that I have moved through and come from myself. 

To be that woman inspiring and supporting another woman.

'Rediscovering You' is the cherry on top program to my other online programs. It is the ultimate refinement of a woman. A woman who wants more and desires to step into it.

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Carla Da Costa is a published author and a divorce coach. She works with women who are separating or divorced through her private coaching practice, her online program and her books. 


Through her work Carla supports and inspires women to make this next season of their life, the best season of their life. Carla has become a modern voice on divorce asking is divorce really a failure or could this actually be the best thing that ever happened to you?

Carla’s intention is to support and empower men and women to become a product of their greatest self-expression. If she can change her life and how she views her life and potential than you can too. In this area she is a powerhouse.

Carla is currently living between Sydney and Perth, Australia with her two daughters and their dog Oliver. She spends most of her time at the beach, is forever removing sand from her car, swimming endless laps in the pool, catching up with friends, doing coffee and lunch with loved ones and living on Vietnamese and Japanese food (with the occasional Portuguese custard tart thrown in).

Her life motto is: 'I blow by anything that slows me down' ~ Guru Jagat. 

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