The Secret To Happiness & Loving Your Life

How to feel a sense of happiness and love your life...both of those emotions can feel a little elusive at times on the daily. Are we being unrealistic to feel this everyday? That is often something I'm asked.

Not everyday is full with excitement, travel, wonder and winning at life. It's the greatest challenge of being in the 'now' isn't it?! That so often the 'now' doesn't feel exciting enough. Often a day just feels like another day and the future is what feels shinier and brighter.

We woke up, got out of bed, arrived into work, did what we had to do, ate, if you have children you've dropped them off somewhere in the morning and come afternoon you're picking them up and depending on their age you're taxi'ing them around before it's time to come home, cook dinner and then collapse on the couch.

For many of us that sums up five of our seven days in the week until we reach the weekend. When we then try to catch up around the house, catch up with friends and do the groceries in readiness for the next week ahead. It's not a recipe for discontent but it's not necessarily a recipe for happiness and loving your life either.

If you've been following me along on my social media (you can find me on here on Instagram and Facebook) you would have seen that I've taken up swimming this year - for both my emotional and physical health.

Swimming has worked beautifully for me because it encompasses something special - it taps into all of my values and everything I appreciate doing, being and having in life. Keeping active, healthy and ourdoors, my personal growth and flowing past my comfort zones and having positive connections and relationships in my world.

I would not have described myself as happy in myself at early parts of this year with some life stuff that all happened at once.