Healing From Emotional Abuse For Women

Please stop downplaying the wounds and trauma that taking emotional and toxic blows has done to your soul and spirit.

Please stop moving through life as though they’re not there.

Please stop acting like they’re not affecting your future life experiences, beliefs about yourself and choices like they are.

Because they are.

At least when someone punches you in the face there is no hiding it.

You can visually see the bruise they’ve left.

It is harder to twist, deny, turn it back on someone or downplay what has just unfolded as “not a big deal”, “why are you still thinking about that?” or even better “I didn’t say that or mean that”.

A bruise would be there for everyone, including them, to see.

Physical bruises last longer than the moment then they’re given, so do emotional ones.

If you’re experiencing emotional abuse or have experienced it in the past please don’t fall into THEIR behaviour trap of downplaying the deep affect this has left on your soul.

As someone who has experienced emotional abuse themselves personally, and who now coaches women to overcome their own emotional abuse experiences, what presents to me is a woman: