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The Divorce Podcast

This year saw me launch a divorce podcast after many requests by women here asking me to do so. I want to say this, before I talk about anything else, and say how grateful I am to those of you who kept nudging me and asking me if I had a divorce podcast or telling me that they wished I would start one.

I had never planned to have my own podcast. It wasn't something I had on the business bucket list.

But after releasing my 6th episode this week, after seeing and hearing your feedback, well...I'm hooked.

Hearing from you that you listened to my podcast on 'How To Find Your Financial Confidence As A Single Woman' three times in one day to help you feel more confident before walking into a mediation session with your ex-husband. Hearing how you love listening to me on your walks and on your drive to work has moved me deeply.

When I released my book on divorce 'Seconds Please~ Lessons On Life, Love & Self After Divorce' (you can find more information about it here) I came to realise quickly two things after hearing from many of you personally.

How deeply this content was needed for women who are divorced.

How many women are currently sitting in the space of considering leaving their marriages. So. So. So many.

How important it is that I keep sharing my voice and thoughts with the world.

'Divorce And Everything In Between' is the podcast I never planned on having but the addition to my business that I am absolutely loving to see you enjoy.

I have so much to say that I know will be empowering for you on this topic of divorce and everything that comes with the journey.

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Ep 1: What To Expect From This Podcast

Ep 2: For Those Who Are Sticking It Out In Their Marriages Or Who Feel Abandoned By Their Partner Leaving

Ep 3: How To Find Your Financial Confidence As A Single Woman

Ep 4: Five Years Since My Divorce & The Five Things I'm Grateful For

Ep 5: Finding Yourself After Divorce - It's Not A Cliche

Ep 6: Why Use A Divorce Coach



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