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Why Use A Divorce Coach?

How can using a Divorce Coach make the process of leaving a marriage a more empowered, smoother process for everyone involved?

Whether you have already left your marriage or whether you are in the process of deciding what to do, using a divorce coach is actually a choice to end a marriage amicably without further inflammation or hurt to anyone. And to move on from a marriage taking all the positives and lessons from it into our future.

So often people perceive using someone like myself as an inflammatory choice. But that's not the reality of all. Far from it actually.

So what do I do for my clients?

• I support my clients to manage their emotions and grief so they don’t add further emotional reactivity and inflammation to the marriage ending process.

• I shift my clients out of a victim mindset to one that is more empowered so they can move on positively and walk away with a financially fair agreement that they deserve as part of their separation.

• I work to understand and lessen my clients fears and triggers around the division of finances and the asset pool and care of the children. Triggers which often provoke reactionary and fear based behaviour, lessening the chances of a marriage ending amicably and able to move on positively.

• I support my clients to remain empowered and confident in situations where they are feeling emotionally abused or manipulated in the lead up to asking for a separation as well as during the process of a divorce.

• We begin the healing and moving on process so we can start to cultivate a new vision for my clients future as a single man or woman who is emotionally ready and open to love again.

• We aim always for an amicable separation into the ongoing future. Where everyone’s interests, particularly those of any children, are at the forefront. Managing our emotions and behaviour to maintain this intention and looking to steer our ex forward with the same intention.

So much of being able to leave a relationship amicably and positively and to be able to move on from a relationship is in both our mindset and the sense of value and worth we see in ourselves and what we choose to accept from others in their treatment as a result, as much as it is in our practical approach.

One of the hardest things we can do as an adult is choose to leave a less than fulfilling marriage or to have to move on from one. But it is also the most transformative season we can move through as an adult, ideally leaving us changed for the better.

To learn more about working with Carla Da Costa and her work please explore her online programs here.


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