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Magnetising In The Love & Life You Desire Program


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  • You don’t have the relationship in your world that you dream of having.

  • Life feels like it never really changes for you even though you are showing up positively, even though you’re doing the “work” on yourself.

  • Experiences in love & life have left you feeling unconfident, self-doubting and hurt.

  • You are attracting the same types of people and dynamics into your life over and over again.

  • You know you deserve better than what is currently showing up for you in your career, your love life, your friendships and your pay check.

  • Your personal energy is not at the level you know it needs to be to feel magnetic, on purpose and excited about your life.

  • You don’t feel confident in your ability to manifest and magnetise what you desire into your life. 

Elevate You is the program for you if you want to do the work to become soul mate ready.
It is not for you if you are still attracted to the push/pull dynamic of wound mate style relationships. 


  • On the surface your life looks pretty amazing! You have a steady job, you’re fit and try to keep healthy, you’re described as a positive person (successful even!) but on the inside life doesn’t quite feel like that because what you truly desire feels missing and a little out of your reach.

  • You’re an over-giver, giving parts of yourself away and doing too much for others and it’s come at the personal expense of yourself and your dreams. People kind of expect you to say yes now and stay…and you do!

  • In the past you’ve stayed in situations, jobs and relationships for longer than you deserved because you feared leaving and ending up alone or in an even unhappier place then you were already in. 

  • You’ve jumped from one relationship to the next in an attempt to avoid yourself… If you look at your dating timeline you’ve never truly spent time on your own without a man occupying your bed or your head.

  • If so, you’re not alone. I totally get it. I’ve had clients come to me, they’re gorgeous, talented, with the most beautiful of hearts. Yet their life and relationships are nowhere near the match for what they deserve. Nowhere near as amazing, passionate and fulfilling as they should be.

  • Many clients come to me saying “What is wrong with me? Why does she get to have an amazing relationship and I don’t? What am I doing wrong?”


I told you this life of yours could be everything that you dream it could be and more. That achieving your desires is well within your reach. You’re just not focusing your efforts on the true inner work that will heal your wounds, change your inner wiring, help you to dump and leave your past baggage behind for good. Elevateing you straight up to the next level where everything is waiting there patiently for you to enjoy. This is where you deserve to be living.


So the question is… if all the things you’ve been doing haven’t been working then what will?

“How do I call into my life the love and life I desire with ease?”


“How can I trust in my own ability to magnetise into my life what I dream about? When I’ve never been successful at doing it before…”


Time to

In Elevate You, I’m going to show you exactly how. I’ve been there and I know what’s possible to create in our life from both my own personal experience and through supporting my clients journeys. I went from being a quiet, single stay at home Mum with no confidence, no purpose, no voice of her own, or dream direction for her life to living a life today that is full of passion, excitement and purpose.


Literally if myself from five years ago came and knocked on my door, she would not recognize me for the woman I am today.


And as I’ve grown and elevated who I am on the inside, what has shown up for me has up-levelled itself to match. The relationships I attract into my life are intimate, caring, passionate, deep. They care for me more than I was ever cared for before.


My business is fulfilling and thriving. My voice and vision creates and drives this beautiful platform, supporting  women in their journeys everyday.


Who I am as a woman has never been clearer, more energized, magnetized or full of vitality. In fact I feel bursting full of all of this and more.

In Elevate You, I have created exactly what my self five years ago needed to up level both her life and the relationships she was wanting to attract in.

What They Say

Tarnya Griffin


"I have just completed Elevate You and can I just say thank you, truly thank you. I am a different person than I was before this.


I sit back now and reflect on who I am now. I have let go of so much of my past, cut huge emotional ties, leant into who I am and who I want to be, embraced my shadow side, am very self aware and able to deconstruct whats underneath the emotions, and am more confident in who I am and embracing the feminine Goddess in me.


I finally feel ready to start moving on and meet somebody, which is not a space I thought I would be in for a while. But my focus is on my life and creating my life I love, not finding someone else to make my life great. At the time, I didnt realise the growth in myself, but I see it now in reflection.


Your program is incredible and had helped me in more ways than I can say. Thank you for being you, for all you have been through and all that you share and teach us. I am so so grateful to be part of your life and all the wonderful things you bring to this world


Much love, xxxxx"

Toni Robinson


"Wow. So glad I enrolled in this course. I have learnt so much about myself, my relationships, my mindset and what makes me happy.


When I joined my relationship with hubby was in a rut. I felt flat, exhausted, unhappy and empty. I was always the do’er and the organiser and I was existing, not living my best life.


I’ve had a huge shift in myself and in my relationship, we’re having fun again. I have an inner calmness and strength that I didn’t have before. I’ve become more aware of setting my personal boundaries and keeping them.


Thank you beautiful Carla for taking me on this journey. I’ve loved it and know that I’m now a better version of myself. My life’s good and great things are happening for me.


I hope to meet you in person one day!"



"How to thank a woman who has completely transformed your life? I have been working with Carla for 5 months to try and break toxic habits and living a life of playing small and safe.


All I can say is in this short time with Carla I have learnt and grown more then I have in my whole adult life.


Carla challenged my thought process and self talk and helped me transform my life, not only have I changed my career path but have changed my energy so much so that people around me have commented on it, and wanted to know why I seemed so different.


I have gone from an over giver with no boundaries, to someone who is not afraid to ask for what I want/need and have the ability to set boundaries in my life, I now live to make me happy, not everyone else!


I have really enjoyed every step of this journey, Carla’s coaching style is calming, positive and intuitive, investing in myself by joining this community was one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made"


  • You are single and want to magnetise into your world your soul mate – no more jumping from one failed and disappointing relationship to the next, that never truly takes you anywhere.

  • You are in a relationship too! And you don’t want to necessarily leave it, but you’d love to re-energise and wake it up by bringing more magic and excitement back into it’s sheets.

  • You recognise that your feminine/masculine energy is out of balance and can feels it's effects in your intimate relationships (or lack of intimate relationships).

  • You want to create a future life (and self) that feels entirely different to your past.

  • If you are coming out of the Mothering young children season and you are in the process of rediscovering who you are as a woman and what you desire now.

  • If you know that having a lack of boundaries and that your people pleasing nature has left you feeling used, down-trodden, unappreciated and cost you your self-worth. Preventing you from having the life and love you actually dream of having.



  • Ready to elevate and light up your love and life to the next level of feeling fully alive and on fire.

  • Ready to magnetise into your life everything that’s been on the vision board and elevate yourself up to be the vibrational match of the woman who can call this in with ease.

  • Ready to create a future vision for yourself that lights up your life and soul again.

  • Ready to release wounds and patterns of the past so they no longer impact how you feel about yourself or the choices you make into your future.

  • Ready to trust yourself and life again and to move forward with confidence and a feeling of positive expectation.

  • Ready to let go of self-doubt and claim your worth as a woman and all that you have to give and share with the world.

  • Ready to get the support and do what it takes to make your dream a reality.

Then I Invite You To Join Me In This 3 Month Transformational Program

In this powerful, highly supportive group coaching program, we will both heal and manifest your desired love and life into creation.


I’ll teach you the process behind how I manifested this in my own life by elevating myself as a woman to the next level. The practices I’ve used. The experts I’ve learnt from and worked with.


I break everything down into simple, easy to follow steps so you’ll never feel like it’s too much or too overwhelming.



Creating A Future And
Vision To Manifest



How To Trust & Cultivate Our Intuition & Self-Trust & The Many Ways We Block Our Own Inner Guidance.



Blocks, Wounds & Patterns & Understanding The Many Ways We Hold Ourselves Back



The Art Of Opening Up To Receiving More Love & Shedding The Habit Of Self-Sabotage



The Divine Feminine
& The Divine Masculine
Dance In Relationships



Claiming Our Fullest
Expression & Self-Appreciation As A Woman. Understanding How The Queen Moves In Love 



How To Embrace The Inner Child, The Goddess & The Queen Within

Our Expert Teachers

Eleanor Hadley


Eleanor is a Sensuality Coach, Sex Educator and Founder of Sensualista Flow™️, a uniquely feminine movement yoga practice designed to empower students to reclaim their innate sensuality. Eleanor is on a mission to help women embody their femininity, enhance their sex-life and elevate their relationships.

Eleanor believes that sensuality is the missing key to cultivating deeper connection - with yourself, your body, your pleasure and with your loved ones. She has supported women around the world to finally channel their feminine essence to create super turned on lives of ease and flow. Her clients and students have fallen in love with their bodies once and for all, reclaimed their pleasure, unlocked orgasms, stepped in to their most confident selves and become super sensual.

Annmarie Lord

Annmarie is a psychic healer and healer who guides women of all ages into a life of their dreams. She is the founder of Minrgy™️, an empowering healing modality that combines the principles of reiki, NLP and intuitive guidance into one practice to both heal and empower.


With every woman she has worked with over the last 15 years she brings a bag of "knowledge tools" to the consolation so as everyone has a unique, empowered experience  that will enhance them to feel liberated and trusting in all areas of their lives.

Annmarie is Carla's preferred psychic and intuitive guide over the last five years.

Louanne Ward


Louanne has helped thousands of people meet, connect and enjoy lasting committed relationships. Her entire career, spanning almost three decades has revolved around love and helping people achieve their relationship goals. Louanne's career as a matchmaker began at the age of 21 and she launched her agency a few years later in 1993.


Transitioning into the digital dating era, she has maintained her values of offering a specialised personal service. Having completed Executive Certification with the International Matchmaking Institute in New York and it's exclusive invitation-only 1 year-long Master Certification Program. In all of these years, her curiosity about the brain science of love and human behaviour has never faded.


  • Monthly live group Q + A with Carla 

  • Private Facebook group and community of like-minded women to help you stay connected to your life path and your Queen Energy.

  • Elevate You Road Map: Carla will coach you to magnetise in the love and life you desire in a way that is grounded in grace, ease and soul.

  • Australia’s leading dating and relationship coach Louanne Ward sharing with us how to discover and truly embody the Queen within, and teachings on understanding the feminine/masculine balance in relationships and dating.

  • Tara Stone a leading hypnotherapist to support you to rewire and anchor in your new beliefs concretely using a selection of her guided hypnosis mediations. This will support you to completely overwrite your current beliefs and patterns so you no longer feel a sense of hopelessness in finding love, believe you truly deserve and be a match for the kind of love you desire to call in and to support you to be in your divine feminine energy.​

  • Teachings on how to develop our intuition and to recognise the intuitive signs when we are choosing a new partner. How to trust the flow and journey of our life with Carla’s favourite intuitive medium and psychic Annmarie Lord.

  • A feminine embodiment yoga class to guide you into your divine feminine energy to enhance your inner Goddess, sensuality and self-apprecation practice with Eleanor Hadley the founder of Sensualista Flow Yoga.

Our Expert Teachers

Kirsty Kohlhagen

Kirsty is a holistic practitioner accredited in reiki, meditation and soul coaching. Kirsty applies her own skills, techniques and personal journey to support women to come through their own life stronger, happier and more in love with themselves than ever.

Kirsty will help you find the calm within the crazy and flow within the Universe.

Tara Stone

Tara is a licensed master hypnotherapist based in Perth with over 15 years of experience. She specialises in supporting her clients to rewire themselves neurologically to change their behaviour and thinking through the power of hypnosis and positive suggestion.

Tara is specialised in treating anxiety, PTSD, addiction, depression, changing negative thinking and belief patterns and in cutting emotional cords due to heartbreak, trauma or loss.


Tara has been Carla's personal hypnotherapist for the last four years. 


  • Bonus Group Teaching Calls With Carla’s most preferred and loved experts. ​

  • Private Facebook Group Access With Forever Access To Carla's Live Q + A Monthly Sessions. Your Chance To Ask The Questions You Most Need Answered On Your Journey About Love & Life & Everything In Between.

  • One Time Enrolment With Forever Access To 7 Modules of Content Covering The Following Topics:

Module 1 - Creating A Future And Vision To Manifest 

Module 2 - Breaking through Blocks, Wounds & Old Patterns That Are Holding Us Back

Module 3 - The Inner Child, The Goddess & Elevating The Queen Within

Module 4 - You Are The Temple & How To Raise Our Personal Vibration & Sensuality To The Next Level

Module 5 - Maintaining Faith In The Process & Using Our Intuition As Our Guide

Module 6 - The Divine Feminine & The Divine Masculine Dance In Relationships

Module 7 - Claiming Our Fullest Expression & Self-Appreciation As A Woman. Learning How A Queen Moves In Love and Our Closing Ceremony



Be crystal clear on what you desire and know how to consistently call in your dream love and life.



Feel more attractive, magnetic and confident in your own skin as a woman.​​



Have unwavering self-belief that you can call everything into your life that you desire. This looks likes letting go of what’s not meant for us with ease and welcoming in what is. 



Up-level your self-belief and self-worth to a whole new level. Hello what’s meant for you arriving at your door and what’s not walking itself out.​​



Be in love with your life and most importantly, you’ll be in love with yourself again.​​

What They Say

Sherl Westlund


"Carla's coaching was the last two pieces of work on myself I needed in my journey to attracting love into my life.


I have now found the love I have been searching for with the most amazing man. I am forever grateful"


“When I first came to Carla I was lost, indecisive and stuck. Carla has made a huge difference in how I feel, think and act in a short time with her consistent and personalised touch. It is second to none.


I have uplevelled the way I think, feel and act and I have made so many positive changes thanks to our sessions together. Most of all Carla has helped me to reconnect with myself as a woman so I can be better Mum, wife and friend.


Carla is genuine, knowledgable and a woman who has uplevelled herself so a wonderful example to follow. Her personalised touch is amazing and exactly what I needed.


If you’re stuck in a rut, want to change your vibe or have a fresh new approach to life then I strongly believe Carla can help you.”



"Elevate You is a wonderful program to help you step back into your own femininity and to live the life that you deserve but also break down old habits to shift to progress to a better YOU.


For me I was able to recognise some of those old habits and leave them behind. Believe in myself more and to trust my gut intuition. For the first time in a long time I was ‘in tune’ with my intuition.


Carla thank you for your program and for anyone wanting to build on themselves more for a better fulfilled life…do it!"



Carla Da Costa is an award winning author and a certified law of attraction coach. Carla has worked for the last five years with women helping them to rediscover themselves and up-level what they attract into their life after a relationship has ended. This work supports single women and also supports women rediscovering themselves within a relationship and after the life season of raising young children.


Together Carla helps her clients to change their patterns, beliefs and emotions to completely change the trajectory of their life.  


Carla’s aim is to support and empower women to become a product of their greatest vision over becoming a product of their past environment and experiences. If she can change her life than so can you. In this area she is a powerhouse.