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Why I Left My Old Website & Entire Catalogue Of Content Behind

If you've been following my journey as a Law of Attraction and Health coach over the last few years you may have noticed a few changes around here...

Yes a completely new website, brand and feel being the obvious.

Yes a new direction.

But also an entire letting go of my last 4-5 years of content, writing and blog posts.

An entire letting go of what is past.

I came to coaching in 2016 a married (albeit kind of unhappily married) woman with two young daughters, juggling a Pilates studio I was co-owner of and also in the process of rediscovering myself again as a a woman - you could say perhaps even for the first real time in my life.

Four years later, in life and in business, who I am is completely, entirely, utterly different.

2020 has seen me shed everything I thought I was and knew. It has been personally confronting, as it has been for many of us with the changing world! The death of my Grandad at the start of the year, a man who I idolised and had turned to for guidance since I was a teen, rocked me to my core and changed me deeply. And it saw me to then go onto leaving a relationship that I thought was going to be my forever.

The 2020 growth game has been strong over in this corner of the world. I've had no choice other than to embrace it, roll with it and in someways, take a good hard look at myself too.

Eckhart Tolle has an amazing article on what he calls 'a dark night of the soul'. All I'll say is that this has been my last 4-5 months (you can read his piece here.) Only in the last month or two have I truly found myself able to come up for air and with a completely fresh perspective on my true self, my meaning for my life and set of eyes for myself now and for my future direction.

So when I pressed publish on my new website here and my developer asked if I would like to bring my past blog posts and content across with me I had to stop and think. Because when I looked over my blog posts, right back to 2016, I realised that none of it was me anymore.

Not a reflection. Not my story. No longer relevant to me or to you.

And so I've left them all behind. Gladly.

So welcome. To this fresh new space. New content. All of which now feels deeply aligned and congruent with who I am, and probably always was before life, adult'ing and who I thought I needed to be got in the way.

This feels right. It also brings with it a strong feeling of lightness and space. And I am in love that.

With love

C x



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