For The Daddy's Girl Who Can't Meet A Good Man (Seconds Please Chapter Excerpt)

The king in your heart should be your partner.

That makes sense if you’re the queen.

But for this little girl, the king in my heart had always been my grandad. When my dad left my life when I was fourteen, pushed out mostly by me, my grandad stepped straight in.

And all of a sudden, I found this kindred spirit within him.

He started driving me around in his two-seater van, full of machinery and train equipment in the back, taking me to all the places he needed and wanted to visit.

God I had some of the best times and conversations in my life in that car. He’d pick me up for an hour and I’d be gone all day. And I never minded.

We talked all the way. He’d tell me about our ancestors, our family tree, what I came from. He’d tell me stories about his life, sometimes he’d ask about mine.

When he passed away, it was a soul-shattering blow to my heart, like it was to many in my family. He was just that kind of guy. Everyone loved to know him and those that didn’t were

jealous, haha.

Oh he was on a pedestal in my mind and I had no desire to topple him down. And honestly, in my world, he deserved to be up there.

When he passed, it was like a big seat was left sitting empty at the table in my heart. And I naturally looked to my partner at the time, someone I’d been in a serious relationship with

for eighteen months, to take that seat for me. It wasn’t a conversation that we had, more it was just an energetic change in me towards him.