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I've Left My Marriage & I'm Struggling


There is a real grieving process to leaving a marriage. For some of us that grieving process started while we were still in the marriage. For others it catches us once we've left. Sometimes unexpectedly.

Either way it is there.

To let go of something that was once our happily ever after dream. That we saw so much future and potential in.

To now move forward as a single woman without anyone else's input or control over our choices.

If we've never been in the driving seat of our own life before as an adult woman it can be a lot.





And then there's've either dipped your toe into or you have not!

Where To Start With My Offerings If This Is You

  • We need you to start thinking about the life in front of you, the possibilities and also the emotional blocks and self-doubts that are stopping you from moving forward to start creating your own amazing life with full excitement and purpose. The world is actually your oyster now and your beliefs are the thing that is stopping you. Trust me! I recommend my pre-recorded online workshop for this "Finding Yourself After Divorce" that you can watch and view in your own privacy. You can find it here.

  • Be inspired by my own story and learnings since I left my marriage in 2016 by reading my book "Seconds Please ~ Lessons On Life, Love & Self After Divorce." You can read more about it here.

  • Reach out to me for personal support and guidance. This is the best most personalised way to work with me that guarantees you emotional healing, results, support and accountability over a three month period. My role is to carry and support you to a place of feeling so good in yourself that your life and relationships are forever changed. You can find out about my services here.

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