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Ready To Make Your Relationship Ending The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You?!

Part personal journey and part self-help book, Seconds Please shares truths and lessons from the author’s own life about leaving her marriage and looking for her happily ever after only to find herself on a journey of self-discovery, one she never asked for and one she didn’t realise she needed to have.


With wisdom, insight and direct personal experience, Seconds Please is one of the more delightful, modern books about finding yourself and starting over after divorce. Asking, is divorce really a failure or could it instead be the best thing that ever happened to you?


From the process of leaving a long-term relationship and letting go of the future dream, through to navigating the dating world and how to create a blueprint for your own version of an aligned, passionate, exciting future. This book promises to inspire you at any point of your divorce recovery to make this next season of your life, the very best season of your life.


 Onwards and upwards to your next big love!



Seconds Please is the divorce book I wish I'd had when I left my marriage in 2016.

When I left my marriage in 2016, I left hoping for a happily-ever-

after love story.


Instead, I found myself on a personal growth journey. One I never asked for or expected. One I honestly didn’t want!

I had expected a straight line taking me from one long-term

relationship to my next. Instead, I found myself on an

entirely different journey.

This is not a tell-all about my own divorce.

It's not about my ex-husband.

In fact it's not about any of my ex-partners since.

It's about my own personal journey of piecing myself back together and finding myself as a woman through it all.

Everything I learnt about myself while going through a divorce (including all those things I didn't want to see about myself).

Everything I learnt about myself while I tried to find my feet after.

And everything I've learnt about women after coaching and supporting hundreds of women through their own divorces and separations.

Seconds Please is the book for women who desire to be in the drivers seat of their life after a long-term relationship ends.

Perhaps for the very first time in their life.


And it's for any woman who has left a relationship and wondered "who am I?"

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Ready To Make This Next Season Of Your Life, The Best Season Of Your Life?

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Who Is Carla Da Costa?

Carla Da Costa is the author of several books on divorce and a divorce coach. She works with men and women who are separating or divorced through her private coaching practice, her online program Newly Divorced and her books. 

Through her work Carla supports and inspires women to make this next season of their life, the best season of their life all whilst changing the conversation around a marriage ending. Carla has become a modern voice on divorce for women asking is divorce really a failure or could this actually be the best thing that ever happened to you?​

Carla is currently living in Sydney,  Australia and is Mum to her two daughters. She spends most of her time at the beach, is forever removing sand from her car, catching up with friends, doing coffee and lunch with loved ones and living on Vietnamese and Japanese food (with the occasional Portuguese custard tart thrown in).

Her life motto is: 'I'm going to blow by anything that is slowing me down' - Guru Jagat. 

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