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I'm Thinking About Leaving My Marriage


Hand on heart, I know I'm finding you at one of the most conflicting, overwhelming and self-doubting times that we can experience as an adult. When we find ourselves unhappy in our marriage and are wondering what to do about it.


Often with our life and family outwardly looking like a success to everyone else, but on a deep, inner level, behind closed doors, none of it feeling like 'enough' or right anymore for who you are now.

Do I stay? Or do I go?

Do I make this decision for me or do I put some of my needs to the side and make it based on everyone else?

If the present moment feels off or less than ideal then we need to start wondering about how this might look and feel for you in 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years time.

A confronting thought perhaps yes. But a necessary one.

Because you have so much life to live.

Where To Start With My Offerings

  • We need you to start thinking about the life in front of you, the possibilities and also the blocks that are stopping you from moving forward to either improve or leave your marriage. I want you to remove the fear out of the decision so you can make one from a place of empowerment and confidence. Perhaps you might even realise that there is still much love there for you to work with? I recommend my pre-recorded online workshop for this "Finding Yourself After Divorce" that you can watch and view in your own privacy. You can find it here.

  • Be inspired by my own story and learnings since I left my marriage in 2016 by reading my book "Seconds Please ~ Lessons On Life, Love & Self After Divorce." You can read more about it here.

  • Reach out to me for personal support and guidance. If you feel that you can't make this decision on your own. If you know that you are stuck and conflicted and have been for sometime, and are at risk of staying stuck and conflicted into the future then I recommend using my 1:1 coaching support. Often when we are in this space we are surrounded by people (often well-intentioned) who have a vested interest or desire for us to stay in our marriages. Our partner, friends or family members. Rarely does this help. Mostly this just adds to the lack of clarity needed for you to make a decision and own it. You can find out about my services here.

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My biggest desire for you in this space is for you to do something positive and to not stick your head in the sand and ignore 'the problem' or your feelings. What we ignore today only ever persists into our tomorrow.

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