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Choose The Option That's Right For You

The Program

Forever access to this life changing content delivered to you via our private members portal & personalised support with Carla through our private members group.

3 x Monthly Payments


Best Value

6 x Monthly Payments

The VIP 1:1 Option

The program delivered to you via our private members portal with life-time access & personalised support from Carla through our private members group and calls
+ 2 x 1:1 private coaching calls with Carla during the program.
In these 1:1 calls all areas of your life will be covered - from emotional support and clarity through to your business goals and growth.

3 x Monthly Payments


Best Value

6 x Monthly Payments

How To Know If This Program Is Right For You?


  • You know you've been stuck in your marriage for too long and it's not improving.

  • You don't want to feel like a victim. You want to feel confident and excited for everything that is to come.

  • After so many years of putting others before yourself you know you deserve to be happy too. This is your time to enjoy life and shine. You don't want to squander it!

  • You want to leave the past in the past. To see the gratitude in your marriage ending more than any pain, grief or loss.

  • This is your chance at a fresh start. You don't want to waste any more of your time or energy feeling not good enough, sorry for yourself or anxious.

  • You're stuck and hung up on the past. You don't want to be, but if you're honest with yourself, you are.

  • What your ex does triggers you more than you wish it did. You're free from him but he's still in your head or still bothering you. And it's preventing you from completely moving forward.

  • When Carla says divorce can be the best thing that ever happens to you, you want to agree with her, but you kind of wonder how...


If any of this resonates with you, then Rising Beyond Separation & Divorce is for you!

Love To Have You Join Us x

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