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Choosing From Your Worth Over Choosing From Your Wound

There's a big difference between choosing a relationship from your worth over choosing one from your wound.

Let that land.

When we choose from our wound we miss the red flags, we ignore our intuition, we self-abandon continuously to maintain these relationships and ultimately we are seeking out someone to heal us and love us as a sign of our self being 'good enough'.

ips and ultimately we are seeking out someone to heal us and love us as a sign of our self being 'good enough'.

If you've been following me on my social media (you can find me on here on Instagram and Facebook) you would have noticed that I've been talking about this topic more and more. And it's because it has deeply resonated with many of you.

Many of us are becoming more and more (delightfully) conscious about our choices and are more discerning about who and what we let into our lives, ultimately our hearts and bodies. This is amazing work and will in time up level the connections between all of us. Now is really the time to become more self-aware than ever about this concept of wounds and begin to unravel and ask 'what are mine?'

Choosing from your worth is a conscious choice.

It is choosing a relationship for yourself where the foundation allows you to move from a place of your highest self not your wounded self.

Is your relationship creating safety for your wounded self or is it a beautiful container for your highest self?

Often we continuously attract people into our life people who represent healing for us that needs to happen from our past. It is literally an open wound and unconsciously we are hoping this person will give us a new ending and the healing our souls need.

When we choose from our worth it looks like us:

  • Taking our time and not rushing

  • Qualifying our values, does this person move through life in a way that aligns with me and supports me

  • Asking do we share common paths to build a relationship and life together that will celebrate us both?

When we choose from our wounds it looks like us:

  • Rushing into relationship based on honeymoon hormones

  • Choosing based on a fear of being alone

  • Desiring to be loved to feel 'good enough'

  • Feeling validated by someone having chosen us

  • Self-abandoning our needs to keep the peace and maintain the relationship by not acknowledging and following how we really feel and what we really desire from another

Moving into a place of our highest self, where we feel the best we've ever felt inside and out is truly the place where we can begin to draw magic into our lives. In our relationships, careers, pay check, friendships and in our our personal vibration.

With love

Carla x


Need help to change and uplevel what you are attracting and pursuing in you life? Support to know what to do next?

Carla Da Costa is an experienced Law Of Attraction Coach specialising in divorce and love who is based in Perth and the Director behind The Rising Woman Foundation an Australian based charity.

Carla works with men and women helping them to rediscover themselves and up level what they attract into their life after a relationship has ended. This work also supports women rediscovering themselves within a relationship to reconnect with themselves after the life season of raising young children.

In her work here she supports women to shine brighter and bolder in life, love and business through her program Back To Fab and through her one on one consultations. Carla’s aim is to support and empower men and women to become a product of their greatest vision over becoming a product of their past environment.



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