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I Keep Attracting The Same Type Of Men


Ahhh yes...

The emotionally unavailable.

The toxic.

The narcissistic.

The cheater.

You've got a type and you know it's not healthy and you know it needs to change.

I want you to know it can be changed.

And there's a different to understanding consciously why we are continuing to end up with these men and it's a whole other sub-conscious process to heal the parts of ourselves necessary so we stop not only attracting them but pursuing them.

Where To Start With My Offerings If This Is You

  • My signature group program "Elevate You" is for you. 100% it is. I created it for women who are in your position. It can be one of the most confronting things to acknowledge, but it's powerful when we do. What does it say about me that I keep attracting and pursuing these men? And what do I need to change? You can learn more about it here.

  • Reach out to me for personal support and guidance. There is nothing more powerful than having a third person who is trained in this like myself, to point out what you're not seeing about yourself. It's the quickest way to growth and change in your life and relationships. Where relevant you will also receive parts of my group program Elevate You to support you where necessary as part of this also. So you do receive the best of both worlds. You can find out about my services here.


I want you to know that changing this patterning on your own and without professional support is difficult. If not impossible. Please be kind to yourself here if you have tried. This is the work.

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