The Ultimate Program To Leave You Feeling:

  • More energised.

  • Centred and moving forward with purpose.

  • Vibrant, lighter on your toes, confident, clearer in your thinking ~ the most amazing version of you.

  • In alignment with what you know you deserve – relationships, careers, friendships, lifestyle.

  • In tune with yourself as a woman and aware of your own beauty and uniqueness.

  • Confident.

  • Abundant and living the life you desire.

  • In control and intentional with your life.

  • Supported and connected with a community of like minded women.


This 16 week, simple to follow and implement program is designed to help you reclaim your own fabulousness back again and combines everything I've learnt and applied in my own life and in my clients lives over the last 5+ years.

We truly have the power to change how our life feels and looks from the inside out. My own life is proof of this!

Back To Fab


Beautiful Self-Care

Law of Attraction

Returning To The Feminine

Back To Fab is a life, health and law of attraction program for women. Designed to support and encourage us as we make beautiful, long lasting changes to how we show up in the world ~ brighter, bolder and with more energy.

Because we only get one life...right?!!

I'm not sure who you've been putting first. Maybe it's been your work? Perhaps it's been your children and your family life? Together can we decide to make now the time where you choose to shine brightly again. To put yourself first. To prioritise your life, health and happiness as a woman. 

All members gain access to:

  • The 16 week “Back To Fab” program to help you truly celebrate everything that is fabulous about you and to help you rediscover the boldest, brightest version of you on the inside (hint…she’s still in there!) Consider this your weekly dose of self-love, inspiration and simple to add tools and tricks that will enhance your daily life.

  • Love, sex, dating and relationship teachings – how to attract the one you want and spice up the one you already have.

  • The award winning Living With Heart coaching journals to help you remove wounds and blocks in the areas of health, confidence, dating and relationships. Plus a beautiful gratitude journal to start and end your days with.

  • Self-care rituals that support you to feel at your best no matter what life presents you with.

  • Coaching on self-love and learning to appreciate ourselves and our bodies as women.

  • A nutritionist approved guide on eating for vitality, mood and energy.

  • Low-tox living tips.

  • Abundance and mindset training specifically for women.

  • Life-time access to The Wellness Circle a supportive online community of like-minded women who are passionate about their health, lifestyle and supporting other women to live their best lives from the inside out.

I know this program will help you to recapture that part of yourself you’re needing to find and reclaim again. And I know that because I once lost that part of myself and rediscovering her has been the most life changing and powerful path I’ve walked.

Back To Fab is a 16 week completely self-paced program where no matter what your budget, there is an option for you. The program is purposefully simple and designed to fit in around your already busy life. Starting from as little as $15 per week you will also receive lifetime access to our resources and community.

Results We’ve Seen In The Program:


Improved relationships. New relationships. Better sex lives.


More confidence, inspiration and enthusiasm for our life again.


Increased energy levels and weight loss.


New goals and a sense of purpose and intention in life.


Feeling more positive in our everyday mood and outlook.


Women loving the skin they’re in.


More calm, peace and a greater feeling of centredness.


Improved finances and confidence around the topic of money.


Glowing skin, eyes and hair.

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To register for our next “Back To Fab” program, please reach out to the partner who shared this program with you or alternately reach out via the button below to Carla directly. We would love to support you.

What They Say

"I have been doing the program with beautiful Carla and I have been loving it. The support provided in the community has been wondeful. Since I have been doing this I have felt more positive and have a lot more energy"

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