Back To Fab


Do you desire to feel a sense of wholeness and self-worth so that you stop settling for breadcrumbs in life and love?

Do you see unhealthy patterns and cycles in your life, and are you ready to begin healing them?

Back To Fab is a self-paced law of attraction program for women that touches on all elements of self.


From our health. To our intimate relationships. The relationship we have with ourselves. The thoughts we have and the wounds we carry. Designed to support and encourage us as we make beautiful, long lasting changes to how we show up in the world ~ brighter, bolder and with more vibrancy.

Because we only get one life...right?!!

This 16 week, simple to follow and implement program is designed to help you reclaim your own fabulousness back again and combines everything I've learnt and applied in my own life and in my clients lives over the last 5+ years.

We truly have the power to change how our life feels and looks from the inside out. My own life is proof of this!

This course is for you if you:

  • Struggle with boundaries, self-love or self-worth.

  • Don't feel comfortable in your own skin or identity.

  • Feel disconnected from yourself, your girlfriends and from your full power.

  • Need self-care rituals that support you to feel at your best no matter what life presents you with.

  • Know you are attracting the same types of negative relationships and cycles in your life.

  • Notice dysfunctional patterns in your relationships and family.

  • Find yourself emotionally eating and self-sabotaging your health as a habit.

I know this program will help you to recapture that part of yourself you’re needing to find and reclaim again. And I know that because I once lost that part of myself, found myself stuck in negative patterning and cycles in my life, settling for breadcrumbs and wondering how did I even get here?! Rediscovering who I really was again has been the most life changing and powerful path I’ve walked.

Back to Fab is broken up into 16 mini models and is a completely self paced course printed into a hard copy, full colour coaching journal for you full of beautifully designed practices, flow charts and information for you to lose yourself in.

Results We’ve Seen In The Program:


Improved relationships. New relationships. Better sex lives.


Increased confidence, inspiration and enthusiasm for our life again.


Greater sense of purpose and intention in life.


Improved eating habits and weigh loss.


Feeling more positive in our everyday mood and outlook.


Women loving the skin they’re in.


More calm, peace and a greater feeling of centredness.

Read personal testimonials by clicking on the Testimonials button below.

Complimentary with the purchase of Back To Fab is a 30 minute coaching call with Carla to help you uncover the root issue that we first need to address to help you move forward in your journey faster and with more ease and confidence.

What They Say


"Feeling healthier overall has allowed a new perspective and outlook to create the life that I want. The increased energy has allowed me to do more intesne exercise which in turn has benefited my mental health immensely. People comment on the "glow' in my skin and my energy levels. I feel so much better and the added bonus of Carla's genuine support is wonderful"


"I came to Back To Fab because I was in a repetitive cycle and needed tools to change. Since doing this I've lost weight, had the courage to be brave in asking for what I want and need. I created better habits and thoughts to create a healthier and more positive relationship with myself"


"Totally put a pep back in my step. My husbands too!"

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