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"I have been doing the program with beautiful Carla and I have been loving it. The support provided in the community has been wondeful. Since I have been doing this I have felt more positive and have a lot more energy."


Lisa Anne

"I wasn't seeing, didn't feel healthy, alert or have energy before I started this. I didn't feel my best at all. I love how simple to follow this is. I'm now sleeping better and don't need sleeping tablets anymore. My reflux has also dramatically improved, I have more energy and feel happier and healthier."



"As a personal trainer it can be hard to keep your energy levels up! I came to this needing to reset and instil good habits for myself that were going to be easy to follow through. I've loved the tribe support I have got from this, the consistent results, more energy, feeling happier and healthier and looking younger"



"Being a part of this is how I give back to me. I have energy and this has really carried me through a demanding, tough time. Really noticed a lift in my mood. And others have been commenting on how well I look!"



"I lost a few kilos but it was the increase in energy and the feeling more well on the inside that I’ve loved."


Marie Combrinck

“I’m so thankful that I found Carla.  She is so passionate about helping and guiding women at all different stages of their life. I personally benefited from her coaching and health program. I also found Carla to go over and beyond with just a simple message to touch base to see how I was. Thanks Carla, you are a true inspiration!”



"I thought I was already healthy. I ate well and I exercised but I was always getting sick. I am now never sick and have more energy, therefore I can consistently keep striving to meet all my dreams in my business and life" 



“I was drawn to Carla because I saw something in her that resonated with me. We live in a world were people portray one image & live another. Carla came across as very genuine and when I had the opportunity to meet Carla for the first time, what I saw and felt in Carla is “what you see is what you get”. Carla is a supportive person who wants to help make a difference in this world. Her passion for her business and what she is trying to achieve stands out. Carla walks her talk, no fluffy stuff, just real and honest with the ability to have a laugh and keep things light as well.“



"So in love with the Back To Fab course book Carla has created. It's beautiful, feminine and combines so many self-life tools for women in it's pages. This has become a go-to for me. My favourite part was the chapter on healing the masculine and feminine wounds"

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