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Team Shine

Doing work that fills you with purpose?

Having financial freedom and managing your own time more?

Receiving ongoing coaching & development through your experience?

Aligning yourself with conscious enterprise and people?

Creating & living your dream life/work balance?

That last one is a trick question: of course everyone has dreamed of their ‘dream life’. But not enough women know that they are actually capable of achieving it. In a time when we have more opportunity and power over our future than ever, I hear far too many bright, gutsy women saying “I could never do that”.


Confession…I was once one of those women.


I went to University. Got the fancy scholarship, the degree and the professional job…ticked those boxes. But after my divorce found myself stuck, miserable, time poor, exhausted in my j-o-b and still not getting any

further ahead financially.


I missed almost every school drop off and pick up.

Rarely was able to take the time off to attend my daughters assembly.

Everyday was a rush and a juggle to get kids to school, pick them up and put food on the table in time for dinner. I was literally tired of being tired for someone else's gain. My health was suffering and I wasn’t able to be the parent

I wanted to be for my kids.


I asked myself “is this it?” and then paid attention to the rumble in my soul that roared back - hell no, I didn’t get a divorce for this!

Meet the Team



I'm loving using JuicePlus. It has helped me manage the changes I was experiencing as a 46 year old Mother of three. I feel more energetic and clearer of mind and I'm loving sharing the amazing results with my family, friends and the community. I feel so honoured to be part of Team Shine with so many amazing, beautiful people.



I'm 57 and this product has kept me feeling younger than I actually am. I'm clearer, energised and as active as ever. I'm always sharing my love for this product and the community with my friends and family.




Wow who would've thought that Juice Plus would help me grow not only within myself but personally too. Having more energy means I can juggle mum life and run my own businesses from home. I'm so grateful to have met so many amazing, funny, inspiring women and through that gorgeous friendships have blossomed. If you ever want to feel included in a space where you can be you without judgement then you have come to the right place!



Juggling between work and raising my kids as a single Mum is a challenge especially if your work requires a lot of physicality like mine (I'm a fitness trainer). Since I started taking JuicePlus, every area of my life has been given an added plus. My energy level has been amazing and I could take on more classes. It's my secret ammo! Since coming onboard Team Shine I felt so empowered to be a better version of myself and have been doing things I never thought I would. Carla has been a great motivator and I am so thankful we have crossed paths. I am in a better shape physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually now than when I was younger.

My mission is to show all women that life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening FOR you. - Now it’s your turn.

Team Shine is a cohort of resilient, beautiful, wise-in-mind, big-in-heart women and men who are bold, visionary and unbelievably motivated to create change in their lives and this world. We value experiences over things, realness and authenticity.


We want a full life that feels good in our souls.


We enthusiastically stand behind the most integral and researched nutraceutical health product in the world, Juice Plus that supports our clients and their families with their health simply and affordably.


Every day we empower people with real food solutions which provide glowing skin, digestive harmony, better sleep, robust immune systems, emotional support and much more. 


This “work” sees us developing leadership in one another, guiding people to find life freedom on their terms, and teaching principles that create lives of health, abundance and limitless choice simply.

Juice Plus is our chosen vehicle for creating ripples of transformation through small (BIG) business. 


We’re in the business of enhancing lives, creating launch pads for personal development and placing real, everyday people onto platforms of excellence in every area of their lives.

My life has completely changed because of my work partnering with JuicePlus. I was a dental hygienist, with a side coaching business that was my passion, but made me little to no income. 


Now I get to spend my time: 


  • As a growing passionate member of the JuicePlus Leadership Team.

  • Coaching & mentoring women towards lives of abundance, true health and freedom on their own terms.

  • Supporting women in their own self development journey through my not for profit charity The Rising Woman Foundation.

  • Speaking and sharing my personal journey about health, wealth & living a big, fulfilling life.

  • Collaborating with women I admire to create life-changing events and resources.

  • Working with an ever-expanding team of souls that I ADORE.

  • Creating my own schedule to allow significant play and family time.

  • Making my own health the mission and inspiration that sees others lift theirs.


And before you say the dreaded ‘I could never do that’, please know that we all thought that at one time.



It has been so nice starting to feel my old self come back with this product and their programs. At 52 I had been navigating the usual body changes! This has simplified what was starting to feel a complicated health journey. Love this team!



I love the comradeship and unconditional help and support this team gives me. I am passionate about this amazing product and the results have spoken for themselves and changed my health completely. My results drive me to help people feel like I do right now - absolutely amazing. 



I came to JuicePlus because as a busy Mum, I wanted a way to bridge the gap between the nutrition I know my family needed and what we were actually getting. What I didn't count was falling in love wit not just the products but also the community. When the opportunity came to integrate JuicePlus into my health coaching business to spread the message of creating healthier habits without giving up things I love, it was a natural fit.



Owning a business and navigating daily life as a Mother, partner, employee can be lonely. Team Shine lives up to it's name. It is a warm welcoming space where we guide each other towards shining our light in the brightest possible way. Juice Plus has given me the energy to juggle work, Motherhood, a side business while also being able to maintain my exercise regime without succumbing to viruses that I don't have time to deal with! I am proud to prioritise my health so I can continue to shine and connect with a like-minded supportive community.

Carla Da Costa.jpg

Carla Da Costa

Before I go on let me introduce myself…


I’m Carla Da Costa. I live in Perth, Western Australia. I’m a Law of Attraction coach, the founder and Director of the Rising Woman Foundation, an award winning author and Mum to two daughters.


In August 2018 I came to the Juice Plus product hoping it would improve my struggling energy levels, continually low iron levels, gut health issues and up and down mood. Life was so busy, between work and my family, that I was caught on a cycle of caffeine, sugar and wine to wake me up, pep me up and wind me down of an evening. And I was paying the physical and emotional price for it.


I had already spent the previous two years before Juice Plus building a small coaching business in my “spare time." But I have to admit that business didn’t come naturally to me at the start. However I learnt fast. I was, and still am first and foremost, a lover of people. Of seeing them jump into what lights them up, makes them shine and changes their world.


I knew deep down that success to me didn’t look like sitting in a dental office day after day, spending little to no time outside, with little to no time freedom, rushing to keep on top of my kids lives and activities and not being able to truly enjoy them.


My online coaching business and Team Shine grew, and I found my feet as a coach, charity director and writer, and forged a deep gratitude for being able to provide guidance that allowed women and men to lift and expand themselves into a healthier, happier place in their lives.


JuicePlus gives me the opportunity to be within my zone of genius and to help other men and women rise up every single day. And I absolutely love it.


I grew myself out of my old life and I can help grow you out of yours.



To get started - It's as simple as buying your product. Nearly all of our business builders start with our capsule range as they are without a doubt our most full health option. This is a low initial investment and the business has incredibly low overheads. Win Win!

Fall in Love.

This is the part where you become obsessed with the product and you start to understand why JuicePlus is the most researched, well-loved nutraceutical company and has been for 30+ years. I’ll give you bucket loads of support and you will have a tonne of resources and training to surround yourself with.

Grow Your Business, Baby!

If joining Team Shine sounds like a big yes to you, then please fill out the contact form below and I’ll be in touch.

Thanks for submitting!

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