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A Vibrant Heart is a practical and inspiring guide that invites you to explore exercise, eating and mindset with love and enthusiasm. All in the spirit of loving your body over hating on it.


Whether you want to lose weight, to feel healthier and more radiant, if you need help to find the time to schedule exercise and healthy living into your life; then this book will prompt you to do just that.


Winner of the 2017/2018 “Beautiful You” Life Coaching book series of the year.


No returns or refunds are given on this item.

A Vibrant Heart

  • Amongst a storm of health fads and exercise trends, A Vibrant Heart offers up a simple, self-loving solution to helping you feel your absolute best- inside and out. Combining easy, yet effective strategies with powerful prompts and anecdotes, this book will guide you to create a sustainable health and wellbeing plan that works for you and your lifestyle.


    Lasting positive change means that we embrace a self-loving and enjoyable way of moving, eating and thinking.  It’s all about how we feel in our body- zero to do with how much we weigh.


    A Vibrant Heart is broken up into three sections; movement, eating and mindset and was created to help you define your own version of positive body energy.



    + You need a complete health over-haul

    + You want to improve on your existing health and wellness routine

    + You have a teenage girl in your world who needs a positive body image boost

    + You’ve gone through a period of neglecting and not prioritising yourself

    + You have low self-confidence in regards to your appearance and what you have to offer others

    + You’re over-eating, under eating or just not eating as well as you know you could be

    + Exercise has never been your “thing”

    + You don’t have the time to exercise in your life

  • "I would absolutely recommend this book to teen girls who may be struggling with self confidence and/or body issues. This would make a great gift for the teen girl in your life”

    Mel Jefcott


    "I read it from cover to cover in one sitting! And your beautiful words have left me feeling inspired and motivated. Thank you for writing a book that offers such helpful and relatable advice and guidance”

    Kirsten Smith

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