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This is the digital version of 'A Single Heart'. Single and looking to find love again?


Through her own relationship experiences and personal anecdotes, Carla Da Costa will help you leave your heartbreaks where they belong- in the past. And invite love into your life in the most positive ways instead; choosing relationships that enhance your life and bring out the best in you.


Winner of the 2017/2018 “Beautiful You” Life Coaching book series of the year.


No refunds or returns are given on this item.

A Single Heart E-Book

  • On every page this inspired and heart-felt book reminds us that there’s a blessing to being single and having some alone time; and it is the chance to reconnect with who you are and what makes you shine. Who knows, this might be your last chance to enjoy and explore on your own time! Ever thought of that?!


    Gentle wisdom and an emphasis on fun when it comes to the opposite sex, love and dating makes A Single Heart a must read for those of us looking to attract the best possible partner for ourselves into our lives.


    Comprising of three parts; letting go, moving on and then finally finding love again, A Single Heart will have you moving through your past, exploring your own self-worth and patterns. All with ease and humour before asking yourself…what do I actually want from love?


    Your answers may surprise you!


    This book is for you if you want to:

    + Find love again

    + Feel more confident about dating, men and relationships

    + Feel like you’ve left your past loves and heartbreaks behind; able to look to the future feeling positive and optimistic

    + Enjoy being single; reconnecting with the essence of who you are and what makes you truly happy

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