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This beautifully designed 21 day Gratitude Journal is your guide and inspiration to a happier more centred you.


Full of inspiring quotes and prompts, this book will inspire you to feel more receptive to the goodness that already exists in your life and the possibilities that abound. There is a reason why thought leaders such as Oprah, Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra tout keeping a daily gratitude journal as one of the most simple and life-changing things they’ve done for themselves.


Winner of the 2017/2018 “Beautiful You” Life Coaching book series of the year.


No returns or refunds are given on this item.

A Grateful Heart

  • In Carla Da Costa’s A Grateful Heart, you will invite the practice of gratitude into your life over 21 days. Allow Carla’s wisdom and daily prompts to wash over you as your newfound attitude of gratitude begins to illuminate the silver linings already present in your life and in those pesky grey clouds.


    When you feel grateful you feel abundant and the best of you rises to the surface. I truly believe in that sentiment. Gratitude places you in a mindset where you can best serve not only yourself but others.


    The truth is that you are worthy of a joy-filled life, in fact you are perhaps living it right now and this stunning workbook offers up a gentle, yet powerful solution to brighten and add positive energy to your days: gratitude.


    A Grateful Heart consists of 21 individually designed gratitude pages for you to fill, space for you to journal and reflect and gratitude prompts for those days when it feels impossible to feel grateful. This book is perfect to help you move your thinking from one of lack to one of gratefulness.



    + Feel less than your best-self right now

    + Want to raise your own personal vibration and be a magnet for more goodness in your life

    + Desire to see the positive in a “negative” situation; your challenges as possibilities, your losses as gains

    + Want to feel more abundant and blessed in your life

    + Wish to live life being the best, most loving and open-hearted version of yourself

  • "I’ve never been able to maintain a daily gratitude practice for longer than a few days! For the first time I filled every page, for every of the 21 days in this gorgeous book”

    Ashley Holt

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