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This is the digital version of 'A Confident Heart'. This beautifully designed book is your guide to living your best life. Your most confident life yet.


Gentle wisdom, guiding prompts, practical strategies and a genuinely personal touch make this workbook style book a must- read for those of us ready to bring to an end negativity ruling our lives, by empowering us in an easy-to-do and (most importantly) fun way.


Winner of the 2017/2018 “Beautiful You” Life Coaching book series of the year


No returns or refunds are given on this item.

A Confident Heart E-Book

  • If you’ve ever wondered how different your life might be if you had the courage to fully embrace who you are and live your best life – your most confident life – then A Confident Heart is for you.


    Whether the less than positive influences that rule your life are internal (ie. that nasty voice in your head that plays on repeat- you’ll learn we all have one!) or whether you feel held back by something or someone external to you, this book will take your self-belief to new, anything is possible levels. The result?


    You moving forward with an energising zest for life, in a world full of possibility and positivity.



    + Anxiety, fear and negativity have shaped many of your decisions in your life for too long.

    + You have lost your mojo and motivation to live life to the full with enthusiasm and positivity.

    + You feel directionless or stuck in your life.

    + You want to feel more confident, more often.

  • “A must read for women seeking to embrace their personal power and create positive change in their life” 

    Sarah Jensen


    “The most important lesson I took away from this book- how easy and automatic it is for me to think negative fear based thoughts and talk myself out of wonderful opportunities before I’ve even tried”

    Karen Meyer

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