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To The Woman Who Hasn't Had Sex With Anybody Else Since Her Marriage Ended

Let me share with you my personal values around sex and intimacy first ❤️‍🔥 These are my own and of course, they don’t have to be yours.

There is nothing casual about sex. We not only open our energetic body during sex we also share transposomes - sexually transmissible chromosomes . We become who we sleep with. We take on their cells and energy.

🥀 Many women have not enjoyed amazing sex, for many many years, including while still in their marriage.

🥀 Many men do not know what amazing sex is because their female partners have not been sexually intune with themselves, which makes it very hard for a man to be intune with her.

🥀 Many women have been more concerned with a partners sexual pleasure than their own. This unfortunately makes for unaware selfish male lovers and disconnected sexual females.

🥀 Many women have sexual wounding. The masculine has betrayed them sexually, sometimes without them realising. Trust was lost, sexual expression and openness is still deeply affected even if the feminine is unaware. Sometimes these women present to me with irregular periods or growths and cancers in their uteruses, sometimes resulting in a hysterectomy. A reflection of sexual blocks and wounding manifesting as physical illness - our intuition ignored that it now expresses itself in a louder way to make us stop and listen.

I understand the resistance, fear and hesitancy to open ourselves to the masculine again in such a vulnerable way.

We could be hurt, lied to, let down, abandoned again ❤️‍🩹

I understand how safe it is to stay in our head and logical mind on this topic and to not lean into our hearts, our wombs.

I want you to reflect on this…

Amazing, transcendantal sex requires the feminine to be receptive. The woman is the host and SETS the tone of sex. The man is only the guest.

The woman is the environment of sex, the vagina is the room. How is your environment? What words would you use to describe your room? Like you would feel walking into a room, is it warm, inviting, tender, open to receiving, expansive, absent of the weight of external pressures? Or is it cold, closed, mistrusting, full of cobwebs, controlling, aggresive, numb?

The masculine feels the ambience within the feminine body when he penetrates her, and it can and does have a transformational effect on the man.

If this is you…

♥️ Full attention to your self-pleasure without attention to climaxing quickly please. Make love to yourself, touch yourself, be sensual in a way that you would want to be made love to until the ambience of your vagina is a room that feels soft, inviting, relaxed, feminine.

♥️ Tune into the ambience of your vagina and apologise to it if your experiences or choices have affected its energetic balance. If you betrayed your intuition and let someone in anyway.

♥️ Clean the emotional room that is your vagina by doing the inner healing work to cleanse it and no longer let anything or anyone in that ruins the ambience. Respect its magic and beautifulness.

♥️ Open to softness and be attracted to the slow burn of getting to know someone first before opening to them so that sex together will be about your pleasure as much as his because you feel safe with him.

I can tell a woman who has not or is not enjoying amazing connected sex, where she has focused more on his pleasure, on catching or keeping a man rather than staying with the right man, because resignation has begun to firmly settle around her mouth 😔

Don’t be that woman. Heal this. You deserve the beauty of it all in life. Including beautiful sex.

* To explore working with me in a private container to heal sexual and emotional wounding and hesitancy after a marriage has ended please contact me privately at to enquire.


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