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Kickstart 10

Welcome to the Kickstart program. Our guided 10 day cleanse to help you reset your body, tidy up your eating habits and to help you simplify your health again.

Whether you wish to lose weight or desire to feel healthier, lighter and less bloated this program is for you.


Together over 10 days we will remove all those bad habits that slowly sneak into all of our diets.

No tricky meal plans to follow but lots of healthy, simple dinner choices to choose from.

Two whole food shakes a day to have as a beautiful smoothie. Amazing for curbing our snacking habits and filling us with a plant based protein that is packed full of hidden superfood powders for added goodness and a natural source of energy.

A fun online community to keep us accountable - moving our body and away from the sugary snacks!


And a beautiful collection of coaching resources for you to access to inspire you in your own self-care, mindset and personal growth.

  • How to build our confidence

  • Raising our personal vibration

  • Low-tox living

  • A 21 day gratitude journal

  • An introduction to pilates at home guide

  • Creating affirmations to spark success and change in our life and self

  • Guidance on dating and how to let go of heartbreak (and even find love again

  • Body self-love and how to create positive health goals 


"I felt really energised - the shakes were filling so I didn't snack which is huge for me. Made me more conscious of preparing a healthy dinner too"


"Love using this program to lose 2-3 kilos that have crept on accidentally. Always feel less bloated and lighter after the 10 days. So simple to follow and this program is a regular part of my routine now"



" Being a group fitness instructor while I train a lot it was also a license to being able to eat anything. But it comes with a consequence. So I don't normally have a sweet tooth but because I started snacking on sweet snacks which was horrible because it turned into cravings. The Kickstart was a good way to reset. I started to eat more fruits and being hydrated "


" Feeling lighter, more alert and lost 3.6kg during this Kickstart. Feeling really good! "


" The best thing was being able to go caffeine free. Being one who is a super drinker (especially milky teas) and always wanting to quit but haven't been able to quite stick to it till now. I feel free from what my body was craving. May enjoy it occasionally in the future but not often now. Will be continuing on doing this "


" I lost a few kilos on the last Kickstart but it was the increase in energy and the feeling more well on the inside that I've loved "


" I have been doing this program and I have been loving it. The support provided in the community has been wonderful. Since I have been doing this I have felt more positive and have a lot more energy "



To join our next Kickstart 10 please reach out to the partner who directed you to this page. We look forward to supporting you in your health!

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