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Shine Bright

Shine Bright is a seven day online ecourse that will leave you feeling a shinier, brighter, more positive version of you.


Wherever you are right now in yourself together we're going to move you through and out of whatever has dulled your sparkle and is keeping you in an emotionally flat space. We’re going to get you feeling back on track again.


Your energy doesn’t lie. Others pick up on it too, not! This isn’t woo woo. Shine Bright is all about you shaking your energy up again. For the better.


You can’t always judge a book by it’s cover, but we all pick up on those around us with heavier energies. It always surprises me just how much we can pick up on a persons inner and outer life by the way they look and the energy they give off.

This online seven day ecourse will help you to:

  • Shake out the energetic dust and clutter from your life.

  • Return to a place of ease with your thinking and inner dialogue.

  • Find your personal x-factor to feel inspired and energised in your daily life again.

  • Rediscover that happy, carefree girl you used to be before life and adult’ing got in the way right now.

  • Feel better about yourself from the inside out.


Shine Bright is designed to help you shed the weight of energy, thought and baggage that is keeping you in an emotional funk.

Absolutely being an adult gives us more reason to not be the most carefree, shining person we know we can be at times. We have plenty to think about, worry on and manage beyond ourselves. We have responsibility and responsibility and sometimes it can weigh heavily on our thoughts and energy levels. Not to mention years of personal experience and history that have shaped us and not always for the positive.


It happens to all of us at times but we never want to find ourselves stuck in that kind of place for too long. This will help you find your sparkle again!



Do I have to finish this ecourse in seven days?

No. This program is entirely self-paced. The content will be delivered to you every day for seven consecutive days and is yours to complete in your own time.

Is this course refundable?

As per industry guidelines, I don’t offer refunds on products that can be downloaded and viewed.

Sign up to the online program here...

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