“Carla is full of light and positivity. It is utterly refreshing. Feeling stuck in my new business Carla was able to help me realise much of what was holding me back was not owning the title I now have. She was also able to give me excellent practical advice on continuing to grow both in my business and in my personal life. I am very grateful she has come into my life and I highly recommend Carla for her intuition, insight, kindness and depth of caring for others.”



    "I have been working with Carla for a few months now and she has made an amazing impact in my life. I started to work with Carla because I was struggling with my mindset after a marriage break up and I needed some clarity on what kind of partner I wanted to attract into my life. Everything Carla has asked me to do I have done and the results have been phenomenal! I can't thank Carla enough for the impact she has had in my life"



    "Carla has been amazing to work with, she is dedicated to her work in helping other women to shine. Carla is a breath of fresh air and I am in awe of her work. She has helped me personally to feel more worthy and to get back in touch with my woman vibe and believe in myself again. I have learnt so much more about myself in trusting myself more as well as recognising who actually matters and is worth my time and energy in my life. Carla is infectious with her positive attitude and is always willing to help you even though you may feel like you are a burden, but in actual fact she is so helpful and positive it rubs off on me if I’ve had a bad day lol. Carla thank you for being you, shining bright always and showing that you care.”



    “Carla has enabled me to foster self-worth and truly love who I am as a person. Her books, her one on one coaching and follow up support were next level. For anyone wanting to breakthrough in their health, wealth, love or lifestyle I highly recommend Carla and her Wellness Circle.” 



      "When I came to Carla I felt stuck in my career and in my love life (I am a single Mum). Nothing was progressing or changing for me. After working together I felt more aligned and excited in myself and I had so much more positive expectation. My ideal career and hours showed up for me and the kinds of men who I am attracting into my life have uplevelled too since working together. Love the Law of Attraction work we did together, it has been empowering for me and I feel more in control of my life moving forwards"



      "Carla's coaching was the last two pieces of work on myself I needed in my journey to attracting love into my life. I have now found the love I have been searching for with the most amazing man. I am forever grateful"



      “When I first came to Carla I was lost, indecisive and stuck. Carla has made a huge difference in how I feel, think and act in a short time with her consistent and personalised touch. It is second to none. I have uplevelled the way I think, feel and act and I have made so many positive changes thanks to our sessions together. Most of all Carla has helped me to reconnect with myself as a woman so I can be better Mum, wife and friend. Carla is genuine, knowledgable and a woman who has uplevelled herself so a wonderful example to follow. Her personalised touch is amazing and exactly what I needed. If you’re stuck in a rut, want to change your vibe or have a fresh new approach to life then I strongly believe Carla can help you.”



        “I adore Carla. She’s kind-hearted, wise and wonderful and she has a true gift for supporting women to reach their highest potential. Carla brings love and joy to everyone she meets, and she shares her story with a special blend of truth and grace that allows women to not only share their own stories but grow.”



        “The difference I have felt since I met Carla is hard to describe. Energised, supported, inspired and cared for come to mind. I am feeling healthier, stronger than I have in a long time, despite going through a pretty challenging time in my life personally. Thanks for all you have done for me and continue to do for others"



        “My first session with Carla was so uplifting, reassuring and extremely insightful. Carla’s intuitive nature and energy draws you in and makes you feel at ease. Her openness and willingness to share her own story makes her so relatable. Her advice is practical and I feel supported by her as I begin my personal journey. I highly recommend Carla’s services if you feel stuck or at a crossroads in life – her guidance is exactly what you are searching for.”



          "I love Carla’s bright, happy and balanced approach to life. She is a constant source of inspiration, wisdom and ideas- with a passion for health and wellness for the body, mind and soul.”



          "I can't even begin to tell you how  much Carla has helped me change my life. Before coaching with her I'd never been able to lose the weight I'd carried since my teens and I had had a string of bad relationships. I'm embarrassed by some of my own behaviour if i look back now, I just didn't value myself. I felt useless and not good enough in so many ways. I've never felt as comfortable in my own skin as I do now and dating now feels like a positive, fun experience instead of a defeating one. Wish I'd reached out sooner to her instead of hoping things would just work themselves out in their own time"