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Become A Coach

With The Beautiful You Coaching Academy


Want To Become A Coach?

Becoming a life coach has changed my personal and professional life entirely. It has made me a better everything - woman, Mother, partner, creator and writer.

Studying with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy was the catalyst for everything changing and up levelling in my life.

I so wish it for any woman who has even the slightest spark of desire to heal, lead and inspire others too.

My Journey To Becoming A Coach


I came to Beautiful You a married Mother of two young children and feeling quite broken and lost in myself but knowing deep down at a core level that I was meant for more. I could just feel in my centre a desire and a calling to help others. And I felt this despite knowing that I was nowhere near the best version of myself as a woman. And I felt this despite finding myself in a marriage that wasn't supportive or embracing of my own personal growth or journey.

When the email from Beautiful You landed in my inbox to join I was a full body "yes." I was one of those women who had to convince her husband to let her do the course and justify/explain all the ways that I could make a business and income if I was to become a coach and leave my existing career as a Dental Hygienist.

I had such a burning desire to help other women but I realised as soon as I started the course just how much work and self-growth I had to do on myself first!

And that has been my coaching journey. As I learnt, I grew and my business evolved and grew, and continues to evolve as I do.

When we are in flow our businesses are in flow and developing myself as a woman underneath my business has been my success.

There is not a lead magnet, free opt in or SEO strategy that could have brought me to where I am and where my business is today.

Discovering my own self-expression, coming home to the core of who I am as a woman and creating my business from this space has been my journey to becoming both a successful coach and an author.


Since graduating from the BYCA course, here are some of the moments and successes I've created:

  • Self-published four coaching style journals on the topics of confidence, finding ourselves, leaving a marriage, gratitude and vibrational health. The Living With Heart Series won the 2017-2018 Beautiful You Book Of The Year Award.

  • I left my marriage and with the skills I'd learnt through Beautiful You, and the skills I have learnt thereafter, I navigated my divorce and the process of finding myself all over again beautifully. 

  • My self-expression, confidence and creativity became the fuel and driver behind my personal and professional life.

  • I've written for many published journals.

  • Was named as one of the 20 Relationship Consultants and Experts to watch by the Australian Business Journal in 2021.

  • Started my own women's charity and am the Director of The Rising Woman Foundation.

  • Have spoken in front of both large and small audiences.

  • Hosted personal development workshops for commercial and private small business.

  • Published my book "Seconds Please" through Kind Press.


What is the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course?


The Beautiful You Life Coaching Course is a six-month intensive learning experience that teaches people how to become a heart-centred life coach and build a thriving life coaching practice. The course supports new life coaches to help their clients rock their goals in areas like self-development, relationships, career, creativity, finances, health + more. 

You can check out more info here and see what recent BYCA trainees are saying about the course.

My BYCA Bonus Package


Are you ready to join the BYCA community and become a coach yourself? Spaces are currently available for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy course in November 2021 and there will be courses available in 2022.

If, you have the same desire to help others like I did, and if my personal journey and work resonates with you, I have created a package to support you on your personal and professional journey to having a successful coaching career.


When You Sign Up With Me You Will Receive:


My coaching series for you includes:

  • 2 x 90 coaching sessions together to more deeply understand your blocks and fears around putting yourself out there to be seen for all your fabulousness. And to create a customised strategy plan for your business so you'll know exactly what to focus on first to build a business that is true to your heart, soul and message to share with the world. The 'something' that only you could create.

  • My Future Me resources kit to support your inner growth and self-expansion mindset.

  • Support between calls so you can maintain motivation and stay inspired.

  • Expert guidance from an award-winning coach and published author (that’s me!) on how to build a business and life you love, that is true to who you are and that will evolve and grow as you do.

  • Free forever access to my Elevate You three month group coaching program to make you both magnetic and aligned in your personal and professional life (valued at $990)

  • Creative support on your own future projects - how to chunk them down, create them and birth them into the world with style and success.

  • Copies of all of my books to inspire you - perhaps to even write your own one day?!

How To Claim My BYCA Affiliate Bonus:

  1. When you’re enrolling, enter my name in the field labelled ‘CODE’: CARLADACOSTA

  2. Email me at to let me know, so we can celebrate and start planning this journey for you!


Important Note: 

If you enter my name in any other area than the one instructed, (which is the code field at your enrolment stage – please see graphic above), or not at all at the exact time of your enrolment, you will not be able to receive my affiliate offerings. This is not something that can be amended at a later time, so please be careful at your sign-up stage to do this as I want to be able to support you on your coaching journey! 

If you join the course on a scholarship you will not also be able to join the course through an affiliate offering.

I’m a proud affiliate for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. I wholeheartedly recommend the BYCA course, because it’s been an empowering and life-changing experience for me, this also means that I receive a ‘thank you’ commission (at no extra cost to you) for each enrolment using my affiliate code.

What Happens Next: 


Once your enrolment is confirmed and the BYCA refund period has expired (which is approximately once month after your course starts), we'll make a plan to start coaching together alongside the course.


Your coaching series must be booked, and the series must commence, within 6 months of the refund period expiring.

Who Am I For? 


My coaching and support will align for you if you seek to live life as your fullest self-expression (even if you feel so far from being that woman right now!)

I can coach and support you on how to set up a business, market yourself on social media, create a group program, write a book (and I will!)


But what I will really be doing is empowering you to discover who you are at your feminine core, to move forward from a place of higher self, and how to create magic in your personal and professional live being completely and fearlessly you, so you can then shine that magic out into the world to inspire others.

Our businesses are an expression of who we are.


Knowing who you are on a deep level, your unique expression, before you even begin a business is everything. When we find your own unique expression and gift as much as we can first, is when we really create a strong, future business foundation for you to build upon.

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Questions about the Beautiful You Coaching Academy or my free offer? Feel free to contact me here:

'The women who you love and admire in business are no better than you. They are simply living life at their fullest expression and have a business that moves from this place. You can too'

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