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Woman is a ten day online program where you will learn how to bring your best most feminine self to your life and relationships. Together we will reconnect back in with you again and rediscover what fills you up as a woman- what you truly desire, where your energy and attention needs to go to bring out the best in you and how to manage those people and situations that can sometimes bring you down.


There’s a power and a privilege to being a feminine woman in these modern times and we so often forget it, perhaps it’s even something you’re not aware of. Men are wonderful of course! We can’t deny it but women…women when we feel our feminine best light up a room, turn good men into loving teddy bears, make children feel adored and special, girlfriends seen and appreciated and let’s not forget we get to rock a pair of heels with a sexy dress whenever the occasion strikes.


So let’s learn to harness all that is best about us and bring it to our lives!

This online ten day ecourse is for you if you want to:

  • Feel more empowered, centered and capable.

  • Bring out more of your healthy feminine side (radiant, playful, confident) over your more wounded feminine side (comparing, jealous, anxious, stressed, seeking external validation).

  • Better understand the masculine and feminine dynamic in our intimate relationships with our boyfriends, partners and husbands.

  • Rediscover you again

  • Appreciate yourself more as a woman


"We want to grow and flourish as women through

everything that life brings us."

You’ll be given simple daily lessons and learn my favourite techniques to explore your own unique beauty as a woman. You’ll be shown practices to help support you as a modern feminine woman to live with grace and a a sense of balance. You will better understand what we should really be looking to men for and how to create boundaries that protect our hearts as we move through life experiencing love, loss and everything in between. And you’ll feel more certain about what you truly need and desire from your intimate relationships.


These daily emails are fun, cheeky and simple, so they can fit into your morning or evening seamlessly (whichever you prefer!) The goal of each email is clear: to leave you feeling amazing, empowered, centred and more in tune with your feminine side.

I want you to know how it looks and feels when a woman at her best lives, loves and moves through life so you can own that for yourself. And it is so much easier than you think.

Let’s do this!



Is this course suitable for me?

This course is not suitable for you if you are the masculine person in your relationship whether by sex or energy (if you are in a same sex relationship). However this course will help you better understand how a woman lives, moves and operates at her best so you can better support her.

Do I have to finish this program in ten days?

This ecourse is designed to be self-paced so no. The content will be delivered to you every day for ten consecutive days and is yours to complete in your own time.

I’m in a relationship. Will I still benefit from this program?

Absolutely. All of my courses and books focus primarily on the one same subject- you. We want to uncover the best in us so we are able to share the best of ourselves with our loved ones. A relationship is only as strong as the two whole individuals in it.

I’m single. Will I still benefit from this program?

Absolutely! Everything we attract into our lives is a reflection of who we currently are, what we believe about ourselves and what we think we deserve. The focus of this program is primarily on you. Improve who we feel we are and what we believe we have to offer others and you will improve the type of relationships you attract into your life- the two go hand in hand.

Is this program refundable?

As per industry guidelines, I don’t offer refunds on products that can be downloaded and viewed.

Sign up to the online program here...

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