"The difference I have felt since I met Carla and The Wellness Circle is hard to describe. Energized, supported, inspired and cared for are some of the words that spring to mind. I feel like Carla always had my best interests at heart, and the circle is a delightful place to belong. I am feeling healthier and stronger than I have in a long time, despite going through a pretty challenging time in my life. Thanks Carla for all you have done for me and continue to do for others."


Tarnya Wells


"I have been doing the program with beautiful Carla and I have been loving it. The support provided in the community has been wondeful. Since I have been doing this I have felt more positive and have a lot more energy."

Yok Yin Wong


"Carla has been amazing to work with, she is dedicated to her work in helping other women to shine and I love the community I’m a part of here, everyone is supportive and like-minded. Carla is a breath of fresh air and I am in awe of her work. She has helped me personally to feel more worthy and to get back in touch with my woman vibe and believe in myself again. I have learn so much more about myself in trusting myself more as well as recognising who actually matters and is worth my time and energy in my life. Carla is infectious with her positive attitude and is always willing to help you even though you may feel like you are a burden, but in actual fact she is so helpful and positive. It rubs off on me if I’ve had a bad day lol. Carla thank you for being you, shining bright always and showing that you care."


Carol Norwich


“I’m so thankful that I found Carla from The Women’s Wellness Movement.  She is so passionate about helping and guiding women at all different stages of their life. I personally benefited from her coaching and health program. I also found Carla to go over and beyond with just a simple message to touch base to see how I was. Thanks Carla, you are a true inspiration!”


Marie Combrinck


"I lost a few kilos on the last Kickstart but it was the increase in energy and the feeling more well on the inside that I’ve loved."


Maree Crowden


"Being a part of this is how I give back to me. I have energy and this has really carried me through a demanding, tough time. Really noticed a lift in my mood. And everyone keeps commenting on how well I look!"


Jill P

“Carla has enabled me to foster self-worth and truly love who I am as a person. Her books, her one on one coaching and follow up support were next level. For anyone wanting to breakthrough in their health, wealth, love or lifestyle I highly recommend Carla and The Wellness Circle.”


Michelle Boyle


“I was drawn to Carla because I saw something in her that resonated with me. We live in a world were people portray one image & live another. Carla came across as very genuine and when I had the opportunity to meet Carla for the first time, what I saw and felt in Carla is “what you see is what you get”. Carla is a supportive person who wants to help make a difference in this world. Her passion for her business and what she is trying to achieve stands out. Carla walks her talk, no fluffy stuff, just real and honest with the ability to have a laugh and keep things light as well.“


Michelle Marciano

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