How I Wrote & Published 4 Books In 12 Months

This is a behind the scenes post for the creatives here, where the answer is a little more in depth than all I did was write, stay up all night and live on coffee!!! Truly!

I joke that these books were written and created while everyone was sleeping…and there’s a little bit of truth in that. I can be a night owl if need be. An early riser if I push myself. I’ve definitely done both of those things. But there was more to it than that, otherwise I would have undoubtedly found myself feeling burnt out within months or distracted by other things in life.

Maybe you’re writing a book yourself (or would love too), perhaps you have your own creative project you’re working towards, maybe you want to get more out of yourself and your life. Whatever it might be I hope the below inspires and motivates you to create more and to do so with more ease.

One Thing At A Time

I don’t know about you, but for me multi-tasking actually makes me feel more anxious, scattered and busy- I don't subscribe to it. It definitely doesn’t make me more productive. Having one primary focus at a time allows me to not only achieve something impactful and concrete, but to also do it well. And this is how I approached my books. During this time my complete focus was on creating my books and marketing them beautifully.

Chunking My Time

The bulk of each book was written in one burst of time in moments when I felt deeply inspired to write and create. Read...I was in creative flow rather than force mode.

A Confident Heart was written at my coffee table over two extremely late nights.

A Grateful Heart at my desk one morning till I couldn’t take the isolation any longer so I walked to a local Italian Cafe where I ate and completed the last part.

I started A Vibrant Heart on a flight home from Florida and finished her during an afternoon at the library.

A Single Heart was mostly written on a six hour flight home from Fiji after a Tony Robbin’s course. And finished later during a full day spent enclosed away in a conference room in my then boyfriend’s office.

Getting the bulk part and hardest part of the process out of the way made me feel more inspired as well as more motivated. Whatever it took I wrote the first draft down onto paper without judgement or editing. I just wrote my heart out.

If I had written one chapter here and there over a long period of time I believe I would have become disinterested quickly and eventually unmotivated to finish them.

I Stuck To What I Knew

My books didn’t require large amounts of research while I was writing them because I wrote what I knew and what I’d lived and learnt. It made the writing process heart felt and genuine. I won’t say easy, more that I wrote with an off the cuff ease.

I created what only I could create.

From my own life experience.

I felt very much in tune and in flow with what I was putting onto paper and I know it would have felt the opposite- a hard task, if I’d tried to write something that wasn’t true to myself and who I really was at my core.

The Right People

I don’t pretend to know everything and so the biggest investment in my books, other than my time spent writing them was in their design. Having people around me who saw and felt my vision- sometimes even clearer than I saw it myself, and who could bring it to life quickly, made the process of working together fun and a joy.

Every individual who I collaborated with added to my vision with their own creativity - from the editing through to the design. Ultimately their enthusiasm added positivity to the creative process. It also supported me to continue feeling positive despite a few setbacks and some small timing issues. I was never left questioning myself, my work or what I was trying to bring to life by anyone- they believed in and loved what I was doing.

Having the right people around me shaped my whole creative experience, not once did it feel tedious. It came together, from the start, easier than I could have imagined and with complete flow and joy.

I hope you continue to love them! xox

*You can find these books in hardcover or eBook version for purchase here.

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